Happy birthday Aaqib!


Pervis has always been a mysterious fella. Well, he used to play here, perhaps he still does, and if any of you remember him, feel free to join our celebration of his birthday here. And to show how much he has touched some of us, I have quoted Lisa's poem in his honour to celebrate his birthday:

[19:43:25] *.:MISS LISA:.* - Pervie's secretary says: Couldn't find no fancy verse to express what I wanted to say ,
So just sendin' all my love to you on this your special day.

You're charming , whitty, intelligent and downright evil too,
But underneath that thick skin theres a lovable Pervis too.

Unconventional and spontaneous , crazy and bizarre,
Exciting , intriguing ,mischievous and awesomeness you are .

Hope you have an smashing day , not meaning in the breaking way !!
But fun filled pleasures more refined .. and hopefully the legal kind.

So take care on this , your 21st , may your bubble never burst,
May your life be filled with glee . May you Live , Love and be free !!

Happy birthday Aaqib xxx

[19:43:30] *.:MISS LISA:.* - Pervie's secretary says: i wrote a lickle poem :p

Happy birthday Aaqib!