Harbinger's Request


/Signed, Hiya, well I agree with most being said before. Taking away the things Harb likes / loves to do isn't Nice. In a relationship both partners have to give eachother some freedom & own time & space. Being together all the time would be Suffocating eachother & 'Cause lots of troubles in your Relationship. Troubles have to be there in a relation ofcourse as that's how you get to know eachother better but we don't want to much of them! I also understand you want more time with him, but I'm sure you 2 can work something out to devide the time, or make deals. Hmm... maybe you should come & Play Tw aswell? ;)


Oh yeah for anyone that didn't know, she gave in :icon_biggrin:

(At least until the war is over... But, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it :icon_razz:)