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Not fantastic, tried to keep it simple but it feels unfinished. Was trying to go more... "Billboard" style, less with the effects and more subtle. Think I need to work on the colour co-ordination more.


Hey Buddy !!!

your one of the best players and art people I know my long time friend, I have a Large amount of respect for you buddy ! great work !


Thanks Thor! I haven't been on here in ages, but that's nice to hear. :)


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Man, I kind of wish I saved all this stuff, would have been fun to look through.

Thinking the same thing man. Had a random thought of ‘I wonder if my stuffs still on that forum from 10 years ago’, turns out it isn’t and my account got deleted! Ended up becoming a full time graphic designer though so something good came out of it! Hope your life’s going well man

edit: just found some of my old stuff in deviantart ... what a nostalgia trip! Link
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