Have Noble, Will Travel


Congo, from what I've read that's pretty low. Nobody should be treated like how you are treating TollxBooth

The Lewder, in a tribe, no one has special privileges. Not the Barons, not the Dukes and not even those that save the tribe. What TollxBooth did back in 2008 was simply unheard of. You just do not get attacked like he did and survive. And not just survive, but expand. I carefully examed what he did. It was like pouring gasoline on a flower and watching the flower grow.

He went through a terrible bout of continuous inbound attacks. And despite my small achievement against Warband (I left my tribe to take on another tribe that was questioning our honor) for which I took 38 villages from that tribe and received endless bounds of attacks for 40 days... he did that... and more for a whole year.

I simply cannot comprehend that.

In my eyes, he saved the K58 Region. And that region was the birth of our revolution against TW (the great power at the time). And that's when I took over. I somersaulted the stalemate in that region and we started rolling up villages in K58, then K59, and K29, K09, K18 and even changed the front in the K68 Region.

But despite all this. TollxBooth is no special than the least of our tribemates. I am no more special than the least of our members. When people start doing what they want, it becomes an abuse of power that cannot be tolerated. I lost our greatest warrior because of those principles.

I think, if you were in a tribe with TollxBooth and myself and TollxBooth had taken a village that you claimed and cleared, I think you would appreciate my stance.

The Lewder

So is this just over a cleared village? :lol:

Please, get over it. ONE cleared village is nothing really. If they're an enemy tribe, attack them. If not, try and resolve it.

Casus Belli

Lewder, Win, the both of you shush unless you can actually be serious in this thread -_-


I am sorry cusus.:icon_cry:I was just making another post that is a clone of ren's post.Well,if you want me to be serious,I can post contructive post about how the people here are claiming that Congo here is a supposed nub and fails at sending epic noble trains which are 2 hours apart.In other words:

Congo sucks cause channy says so.


It is silly how I used to post. I amuse myself, but often times... now. I seem embarrassed by them.