Heaven Let Your Light Shine Down: IL Declares War on Creati


Samuel is no longer using memes and youtube links to express his thoughts and opinion??!!?? :eek:

Bring back the old Samuel! :(

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Michael Corleone.

IL came into this war trying to be the golden state warriors in 2016. they had a 3-1 lead, and have blown this series completely. the Creati Cavs have all the momentum now, and with the great ghengis khan weeny hut junior above me wanting IL dead, IL is TOAST.

I mean IL was toast the day that they gave sierra mist i mean ciranore an account. you just dont give scrubs accounts, especially ones that just manage to soak up defense and not do anything. when will people learn, history always repeats itself.
History always repeats itself.


Blah blah blah thats all folks. <---What you sound like.

See you fools on the 3rd.
Side 1:
Tribes: Creati
Side 2:
Players: Thorny Dragon

Timeframe: Last 24 hours

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 58
Side 2: 6
Difference: 52

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 542,562
Side 2: 57,052
Difference: 485,510

Guess you were prepped for 3rd but did not for 4th?