Heaven Let Your Light Shine Down: IL Declares War on Creati

Michael Corleone.

Honestly, you are a moron if you gave this guy an account after World 80. If you give this guy an account after this world, you probably eat crayons


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wat is it my turn? oh man... ive been rehearsing all night for the movie :eek: Kul, when we shooting this anyways?

i think we all should just merge into me still, there is only one way to stop the icebergs from melting. climate change is real.

im also amazed with what u can do if u modify your macaroni n cheese

Michael Corleone.

Blah blah blah thats all folks. <---What you sound like.

See you fools on the 3rd.
bro youre garbage LMAOOOOOO. you really might be the worst tw player around - for all the crap you talk, saying how good you are:

looks like the creati boys and girls are teabagging you now. back to the dumpsters you go!


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Dear Mintyfresh,

You left Creati whilst IL still had the lead.

Your point and opinion is irrelevant.

Yours sincerely,