Heavy bids farewell for the 3rd and last time


yes for the 3rd time i bid farewell, and this time is for good
As im sure some are aware a few months back i happen to finaly meet a girl so simply mind blowing amazing she completely changed me and is well the most cutest sweet prettiest beautifulest smartest girl ever, why she loves me god only knows lol
anyway the time came last week or something (i forgetz (angel) ) when tw got in the way, for both of us (yes love is possiable from tw and defently w15 ;) )
so it came time for us both to give this addictive game up togather.
Anyway so this is my final post ever on these forums, i know crazy friken bunnys this will be harder then giveing up smokeing not reading all you guys/girls mindless dribble.

Well i could individualy go through every single player who made this game so amazing, but i cba instead ill thank a few for personal reasons
Sid - didnt know you long but because of you i met the most amazing girly ever (bow)
sherry - always fun to chat to, and actualy made me go after the girl even she didnt realise it :p
rek - legend in his own right :p
matrix - dude we pwnd, gl and show w15 some mad skills :)
bhs - best of luck dude, you have improved greatly since we first met back in what year (should sort my memory out...)
gutts - watch matrix for me, dont let his head get to big for his feet ;)
(names pretty much the rest of w15 with leaveing messages)

heavys history
w5- (sherry you mention that name and KABOOM goes your head >> )
w10 - Borg
w14 - Chaos, fun times, not only could spam there forums senseless but found out there multi enemies sucked even against me >>
w15 - do i need to? im your legend the one and only :p
w16 - plight
w25 - tC, guys/girls kick ass tribe :p
.....(cba to remember)
w38 - Nubs, anga that was fun shizzle
w42 - Wick3d
w47 - Alter Egos , me,anga,acid >> if things had been a little diffrent well damn that tribe would of pwned :)
w49 - -?- reborn thingy, Nerd

many others im sure i forgot but who cares , i dont :D

anyway time for the final goodbye to the girl who changed my life
bibi (mirinia) - hunni you changed everything your the most amazing sweetest,gorgeous,beautiful,pretty,adorable,cute,perfect,mind blowing amazing, awesome,fun girly ever, and without you i would probaly still be with these guy/girls getting dumber and dumber :D
i know your quitting with me but still, my account goes barb first so haha i win for once :p
I love you :*

For fear of blowing these forums with her extream beauty and cuteness no photo of me recently may be posted as there all with bibi the godess of perfection.

so anyway freaks,weirdos,thingys,and the rest of you
dont stay up to late its bad for your health :p

This is heavy saying goodnight, goodbye for good


will still be on skype ;)
add me if you dare muuaaahh

i dont want to stop writting as then its all gone ;(

Casus you were a awesome mod (wave)

Pink elephant those strawberrys and beer still not arrived :p


After sitting throguh countless "I love you more" spam I did't even get a proper goodbye. If it wasn't Friday and I didn't have half a bottle of Single Barrel Jack in front of me I would be offended.


Glad that you found something that makes you happy at the end of all your playing time.

Was a pity that things didnt work out better for us in 47/49. Both had so much potential, yet still enjoyed playing with you while it lasted. I really do think your a far better player than most people realise, you just seem kinda lazy :icon_razz: (arent we all at times)

best of luck for the future!


After sitting throguh countless "I love you more" spam I did't even get a proper goodbye. If it wasn't Friday and I didn't have half a bottle of Single Barrel Jack in front of me I would be offended.

Good Luck Max, Hope real life treats you well. And there is no way i can keep Matrix's ego down ;o


You kept the forum interesting heavy, your a w15 original, Heavy the greatest spammer in tw history.


Phew, was gonna have to kill you for not mentioning me anywhere Heavy, but you got me in at the last second. I'll hopefully find you on skype sometime soon hun. Gl w/ your real life and w/ Bibi.


Laters.......... (to Bibi as well)

Hope you 2 last forever and enjoy every moment with each other.



he'll be back in another account...once the finale war is will start... :icon_biggrin:

oh heavy...im not part of your best buddies...imma gonna cry now..:icon_cry: