Hell rules


Yes know hell is the top tribe in w1 ... We always consider to be leader tribe after the found hell . The tribe founded at 08th September 2008 - 22:00 after dimnissed from T:V ; I dismissed becouse of 5 villages . The T:V leader was an Fargo bear that tell me to gave 5 villages back to dvader. I never accept it becouse I took the villages in K14 and most of them was an barbarian . Dvader want to be located in K14 and they attack treksek in my locaiton than treksek delete her account and there were so much barbarian around here ? we were allieas with dvader and they claim all barbarian in my continents it means that I can not take an barbarian becouse they claim them .

Of Course I never accept it and I clear the enemies in K14 after dismissed by T:V it was the beginning of the hell to walk victory. I play this game as a man I can gave guarantee that most player gave to 5 villages back to stay in T:V but I am not nobody . I just live my rules and I never accept the others rules. Than we create our rules. we were alone this way with barbar CONAN. We stop the enemies in K24 and wle take the deep breat at those days. I know that ıf we never work with wle , wle never stay in game now.

Frist of all we clear k24 especiaily it was the most organized player in T:V of course they fed up becouse they lost their advantages against us .. we know that Not so easy when I am active they did not take an villages :D

Than they left one by one ; Remember their names here ,,, sylvestru ( Good player I respect to hım) , mafo, drrizzoretunrs, devastations , samun , shaunby_b , reaper88 , tommo ;

After take an control in K24 most of them delete their account and wle located the area with our permition we were allieaz and they took barbarian easly :)

Than we move in K23 we clear the all enemies in K23 and today friespieboy want to join us he has an just 2,3 m points and ıf he sttay in game he has to borrow us. He know this he were loser alone and when he join our side he earn lost of reputation with us.

Of course after gain most victory we move the differents zone and continents every single day people want to be hell members of course we open our door invite qualified player on our side. I am proud of with them .....

Than we start to war with dvader I will retunr to topic again but now I have to left :)


Just out of interest, aren't you guys meant to be in endgame by now?

148,500 (roughly) player controlled villages.... meaning the 70% threshold is about 104,000..... and Hell have 110,000.

Is the end in sight?


Eventually. I thought it was 80% villages owned though. I don't remember. It'll happen soon enough.