Hello Im bored

The Lewder

A girl with those kind of hobbies would probably be a tomboy, or a lesbian.


well b4 it runs off-topic agn.

Name: Steven
Occupation: School Student
Location: BEER!
Hobbies - TW, jogging, soccer, pool and alot of different sports.
Currently playing - w28 only after deleting my w48 account(T_T)

Anws welcome back poise:icon_cool:

P.S. u can catch me in-game mail to have a convo .=D
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Teh good cookie

Name: Ollie/Oliver (not Twist)
Occupation: Part Time Student and Part Time Barman
Tribe: Vodka
Hobbies: TW, Squash, Basketball, Drinking, Driving my beautiful car Poppy and being an average 18 year old I suppose.
Interests: (Didn't think this counted as a hobby) I am keenly interested in Politics, history and anything narrated by David Attenborough!
Currently playing: TW W28 and have a country on Nation States

Teh good cookie

I've only been on for a week now, kinda confuses me all that role play stuff, I mean I know I can act and bullshit for England! but just seems OTT so I am avoiding the role playing.