Hello world 1


Hello, no one will proberly know me on this world but ah well, here we go anyway...

I am Ross, i am from the UK so i'm 1hr behind ST. I was wondering if there was anyone out there, who does still play world one. But maybe, is looking for a co-player. I know, its highly inactive, and co-players are rarely needed. But this is for learning purposes only. I am looking to learn, the old way. On how to play this game, i am very active. And play world 32 & 43..

In world 32 i am Der Reich, a 1.3 million player, nearly, its like 1.270.000 or something. Anywhoo, if you intrested anyone. Not bothered who it is, drop me a mail. Or even better add me on skype, lord-arjen000.

I will understand if i get no reply, but i suppose there is no harm asking :)

Yours sincerely,


Activity on W1 depends on the area of the map. Sadly for you, getting a co-player for a W1 player is extremely simple and most of the players of W1 know people from all over TW and can find a co-player or a entirely new player for a account within a day..

Anyway, good luck.


Well, maybe it wont happen. But like i said, no harm in trying :)