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We here on the Derp Bus team haven't been on here to introduce ourselves before I don't think. But any who, how are people doing on this fine world?


I'm Kal, one of the Co's to this band of misfits. I'll let the others do there own introductions when they stop spamming unicorns on there screens (oh yeah, We Love Unicorns).

Is there any members from Cruel active on the forums?
I just wanted to reach out to the guys who threaten us to join them or we would face annihilation from there closest members. Well it's good to know that you must think of us as a threat to you guys then. I'm guessing that most of them either joined them cause they were scared of what might happen if they didn't or liked taking threats like some sort of S&M loving kink!?!?!

Well that's enough on that,

How are you doing at this stage of the world?

~Kal (the tired derp)


Hi, I go by the name of Charlie or Charles, and anyone who has mailed the account will have talked to me. Nice to be welcomed on the forums once again, and it's nice to see the W72 section is quite active.

It will be nice to meet y'all and have some nice conversations and debates.

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Im confused, what is the point of this post other than calling out for Cruel members attention in a discussion thread?

Im not a Cruel member, sorry.