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I think we're being a little too hard on chanman. I'm not saying you have to include him on your Christmas card list, but remember this is just a game. There's no real reason to hold such animosity here on the forums. He made his bed, now he can lie in it. But we don't have to keep kicking him while he's down.

Good luck with whatever you do next, channy.

I concur this. Leave his personal life out of your malice. There are people on the other side of your screen. Remember that, just like thereset, you never know.


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There is always the report post feature if you guys feel flaming has gone to far although tbh, I don't think it bothers chanman. I don't know what it was he did in the past on this world but flaming seems to follow him around here. If he wasn't expecting it when he created this thread then that would be a bit foolish. Most of what has been posted comes across (to me anyway) as good mannered joking with a hint of I-actually-mean-what-I'm-posting :icon_confused:

To be honest saying the chances are less than that of getting struck by lightening doesn't really count for much.

Your chances of getting struck by lightening are 250,000 to 1 (Approximatively).
Now, your chances of dying in a car accident are 100 to 1 (Approximatively). Which is 2,500 times greater and would give a better indication of their death rate.

So now we must conclude that you shouldn't be a Coast Guard because you will crash your car on your way to work and die.
No we mustn't. Your conclusion doesn't follow from your premises. This is an invalid argument. Sorry I'm taking a philosophy course right now and we're evaluating arguments and I couldn't resist :icon_razz:

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Channy, re-add me on Xbox - iBradbury

Also, im giving a shoutout to the old guys still playing here, <3 You all

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Your arguement is horrible :lol:
Like I said to the first poster, your conclusion doesn't follow from your premise.

It does actually, there's a valid argument right there.

Me thinks you cant rebutt it ^^


Sorry, my internet was down for a day or two because of storms and blackouts.
It does actually, there's a valid argument right there.

Me thinks you cant rebutt it ^^
Nuh-uh. The definition of a valid argument is when the truth of the premises guarantees the truth of the conclusion. Another way of saying it is that its impossible for the conclusion to be false if the premises are true.
For example: All dogs are pink.
All pink things are birds.
Therefore, all dogs are birds.
As ridiculous as it sounds, by definition, this is a valid argument.

This philosophy class has been brought to you by the letters "P" "K" "I" and the number 24. :lol: