Hey w6ers!


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Hey Guys,

Slippy here.

Long time no see, I guess the world is finally over and it appears BEST(who?) won it with an alliance with Neuwar(Nice to see you guys survived to the end).

Anyways just checking in to say hi to some of my old friends here! Although I don't play this game anymore, maybe one day I'll be back(Just havn't had time).

I recently joined the US Navy and ship out to bootcamp in 9 days. So unfortunately if anyone wanted me to take over an account I won't be able too ^^.

Good luck to you all and hope to hear from you guys soon! :D

O~SIN Pride :D


Thought i may as well use an existing thread. It's been that long i forgot my old password :D.

Good to see some familiar names around here :D

(<<<< Sm1thy07)


Ahahaha. Wouldn't be the first time :) How's it going s1cky, you still playing anywhere? I just got up and running on 61 :D.

Star!!!!! <3 how've you been?


Slippy, hit me up if you're still here :)
I'll check in again in a few days or so

And Calmir, you can never quit ;)


good good :D stuck on w30 fighting silver.. He is sending me lots of love right now.


thats not lots of love thats modest love at best, lots of love was when I hammered Canine an Wildcats combined an then gave Wildcats a stache ride.:icon_eek:
but o.o I am not parm o.o I am not a killer rabbit, I'm a fluffy bunny ^^