Hi, Bye and Thanks

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I know its not finished yet but felt it was time I signed off.
I haven't been playing the last few months due to some RL shit and a lack of motivation to mop up the last hangers on, I guess it finally became too boring to manage a large account without any real opposition to fight.
Just logging in very occasionally to keep the account alive. It's tough to see my rank dropping, I really thought I was gonna finish this world with the number 1 rank, but after 3 years the game has become less and less of a priority. I still may finish with #1 for ODA though so there's some consolation there for all the time invested ;)
Anyway, I enjoyed my time on this world. Went from a complete noob with no clue to writing scripts and holding #2 rank for a good while. Some of the wars were great fun to be a part of. At this world's peak with tribes vying for position and power it was quite exciting, what with all the skyping and arguing in war threads in these forums seeming to take precedent over the actual wars.
Looking back, I think all the sparring in these forums were the highlight for me, and I will never forget some of the long-gone personalities.
So, this is a quick Hello to say Good Bye and Thanks to w24, to all past and present players.

I met some great people and even some I consider friends.
I am not gonna make some long list of those who helped teach me at the start, led me, inspired me and challenged me (including enemies) as there are just too many names, and some of them are so long gone they won't see this and most of you won't know who I am talking about.

Its been a long, long time since this all started. You know who you are, Bye and Thanks


As stated on your FB Foxy, I know the reason you are doing this and fully understand

Pleasure fighting against and with you, and should you ever get your mojo back, you know theres a place on W56 with us (and by us, I mean me, Roo, sen, charshaun, Funky and others) and not Niyah and DaHollas n00b tribe

Best of luck in RL you strange Aussie/Yank hybrid beardy bloke



Cool beans, I think he said this would be his last world, but who knows. Maybe we'll see you on 56, posting on the forums I mod :icon_eek:.

Best of luck!


You're one of the most steadfast players I've had the pleasure to meet, frankly I'm amazed you didn't quit earlier, heh. You're one of the characters that made this world great though, and have definitely had a great hand in making Deus #1.
Hats off, and hook me up if you want an account here or there :icon_wink:

All the best if not.


You're the TRUE #1 player of 24, bro. I can easily see why you are quitting. Was nice knowing you.



Goodbye Red

It was great playing with you! I know I didn't help you nearly as much as you helped me, you were an awesome team-mate. Good luck in the future.



Bye bye Refox, never really had much contact but you seem like a sellar fellar :lol:

Best of luck

The Great 1One1

I remember our forum arguments fondly, my dear Fox ;)

Good luck IRL.


Your not allowed to quit red, world will be done in 1-2days. So I think ur place is sealed in Deus, dont think u would even have time to barb by hitting delete haha.

And as its been said, you are the worlds number one (sorry flordi tis true) :p

Knight Saber

Anyone still playing W24 deserves a medal... or a psychological evaluation, I forget which.

Barry Chuckle

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Seeing as there are only a couple of days left, I figured I should post in the externals at least once !!!

Red you were/are one of the best opponents i have come up against on here and it was a pleasure to fight both with and against you...

I like you will more than likely not be moving onto another world as RL has this habit of wanting you back in it, and besides who is going to fix my scripts with you not about ???

All the best in the real world m8



Everyone knows it's all about ODA, and you are my personal number 1 player,

and lies Barry, I've totally seen you post in here before.
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