Duplicate Highlight commands containing Nobles, both attacking and returning/cancelling commands

Highlight Noble commands in Village overview

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When you send like hundred of attacks from a certain village while farming and on same time from that village you send nobles it becomes hard to find the Noble commands when they return home or where they are on the Commands list while you are on your village.
Example how commands can be shown when highlighted:
So this way, when you scroll down the Commands list it is easier to find the commands containing Nobles (either attacking/returning/cancelled, etc).

My suggestion only affects the Commands list on Village overview and it is very basic and in my opinion easy doable and it can also be expanded further for example to have custom highlights based on command attack power (red, orange, green, etc).

Example if you have sent fakes, the highlight of that command should be green, for semi-nukes should be orange etc (same colors can be used as the colors used on the icons shown by Watchtower).

This feature could exist and be enabled by default only for nobles. So by default automatically highlight Nobles returning and/or attacking then by user input switch to highlight by Attack/Return command power (how big the nuke is basically).

Such toggle in highlight capability could be placed here for example:

All of this can also be implemented using Scripts probably, to highlight Nobles should be easy actually but it is better if this functionality would exist built-in into the game.


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Suggested and rejected before for doability / UX reasons.