Highlights of world 17


For me, the best moment i was involved in was the BH/Titan war, while there was a bit of bad bloody between some of the leaders, the vast majority of us managed to keep it good and still shared good relations. It definately was not fought by the best of players, both sides our deadweight, but it was demanding and brought out so many people who actually showed an interest! Ah, if you ever saw the mails Blair sent us, you'll never forget them!

My best moment that i was not involved in, was the whole Storm saga, no matter what anybody says, they had a huge impact and bring some interesting events to the world :D

Yes I did write some doooosies didn't I...well like syphlex...I am no longer the serious voice of the Titans...this game...this world occupied a lot...too much of my time but it was a riot! The best time I felt I had in the game was when we merged with the BH...yes it ended bad and really didn't need to but that is all water under the bridge...hard to believe that with all the other games out there that this game...this graphically challenged...dumbed down version of SimCity/Civ would captivate so many, for so long! My hat is off to the TW team for creating a simply engrossing game which is as addictive as crack...lol!

Keep it up W17!! To all who are still at it, regardless of which side of the wars you are on...I salute you! sonny...I miss you man! I hope you are having a great time in heaven my friend!

Llama Crazy

my highlight has to be that lovable tribe named storm mass deleting:icon_razz: i mean thats classic and just funny. miss them tho they were a funny bunch :)


I fcking miss Cheese Alliance, was there from start until end.

Dam i miss good old days, all the wars lol.


I rather enjoyed the fall of =DoNE=.
A minor event, in the scope of things, but the fall of =DoNE= and ~DoNE~ to a 12 person tribe which wasn't taken seriously till we were halfway through the nobling process was rather enjoyable.