HIRE Declaration


In The East Of W6 there is a tribe we all know as Or.D. Or.D standing for The Order Of Darkness they have used this to intimidate fellow tribes into thinking they were bad ass and Made us all believe they could actualy find the attack button. But after some recent research by our Tribe Professor, Professor Bad Ass.

His Research showed that Or.D are not Bad Ass and he was insulted that they thought they could claim 1% of his name. So after some Research into this matter he discovered that Or.D were a bunch of fags and Nerds!

After reporting back to the HIRE council and telling them the shocking! discoverys he had found, The HIRE Council were shocked and angered. After some discussions and annalyse of the findings CelticPrincess was so deeply angered that he could not hold in his emotions.

We also received Intel that Or.D were trying to build up the courage to attack us, taking tiny little steps towards us then running back to discuss it some more.

wardo001 on 22.08. at 14:14
to all members at the HIRE frontline

dear members,

get ready for action, as declaring on HIRE isnt a long term plan anymore, it is bound to happen within 10 days.
build your nukes, stack your villages and be ready for serious warfare, for it wont be easy.

Thras will take care of all offensive matters, so don't worry about who and when to attack, he will tell you.

if you need any more support to your villages, please contact me with a list of villages that need defence. i will do my best to get them covered.

Use the forums and ingame mails to cooperate with your neighbours, and we can surely take out this HIRE weed once and for all!

__On behalf of the counsil of ~Or.D~
___Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken
So on behalf of the HIRE council. We The Holy Imperial Roman Empire Declares War on The Order Of Darkness. And Yes! we can see your Hidden Forum!



Nice declaration.

This will be an interesting war to watch.


Its the little button that says attack.

Thought we would do Thras a favour as i for one got tired of hearing his feeble comments.


Who is THRAS anyway,not spoken ever .can't be irish as i heard he had blocked celtic ;D


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My little addition:

The shadows followed his steps, his own but a whisper of breath behind as the moon’s glow fell from the canopy above. He trod carefully despite his speed – avoiding the damp grass that would leave a print, the sticky mud that would hold a boot. Having run for what seemed an eternity but was only half the moon’s time in the sky that night, the man was near his objective. The old and well held continents of the North-East would provide him with the safety he desperately needed with what stalked him so near; the old tales of fear and flame had not deterred him from seeking to own the rest of the world - a dreamer. He stopped. The sky was cloudless that night, but the moon, his guiding lantern through the forest was dimming and waning as he watched the sky. The wind that had once tickled his cloak at the hem had ceased, while even the trees had ceased their quiet murmurs.

No sound. No light. Nothing to tell the thief that he was alive save for the quickening thud in his chest as his heart gathered pace ready for flight. Silence greeted his desperate mental pleas for something, anything, to rid him of that fear. The fear he had not been fast enough, the fear he had been found. The fear it was here. Slowly he drew his long hunting knife. It was curved blade with a wicked hook at the end, the handle wrapped with snake skin with silver inlaid along its length. This blade had tasted blood before, and it was no stranger to violence. Many men and even the occasional woman had tasted its sharp bite. Whether from behind in an alley, or in a drunken brawl in a bar, the blade cared not. Tools don’t have feelings, only a purpose, a use; much like the thief, it simply did with no questions asked and no conscious holding it back. O how he wished he had now, he wished he had asked the right questions instead of simply “How much?” Driven by greed he had taken it on, the job to “liberate” as it was euphemistically put, an object that was said was impossible to steal – Tosok’s villages. Gathering you could find them of course – the location of their resting place had long since been lost.

His voice low and deathly quiet he murmured the spell to activate the blades glow to show him his path. The blades length shimmered as the pale blue light illuminated his hand, steadily brightening, the owner watching with agitated patience. He continued to watch as his hand fell, still clutching the blade. Recognition did not come until his life had coated the blade red on the floor. Fear consumed him, flame engulfed him, and shadow destroyed him.

HIRE were here, and god damn did they mean business.



hmmm well good luck people
may the strongest win

oo please don't tell me i'm the strongest
cause we will see :icon_razz:



let's not jump conclusions about the end of this war, and make the best of it, on both sides.
but this time, no nagging about being gang-banged from HIRE, this time you declared yourself :)

the funny thing is, you just said you can see our hidden forums, and you posted one of mails about support... that brings me to the conclusion HIRE would never have dared declaring Or.D if they wouldn't have known we were to declare ourselves anyway.

i await your attacks eagerly, and with full villages.



Sorry i can't understand due to how awesome i look. NERDs FTW!!!

demon king7

This should be a fun war:)
One i can take part in :D
Good luck to Hire & Order ;)