History of ~MW~


still nobody has quoted 1 word from the original post and said "that is NOT how it went down, not from my perspective"

As far as this goes ^^ the problem is exactly what I have bolded "not from your perspective". No matter what anyone says about what you post in regards to your history of MW "from your perspective" they might as well not posted. From your perspective anyone who does not agree with every word you say is wrong and thus there objections do not count and you can just ignore them and keep on pretending everyone agrees with you.
take a look closely, he sayd that between the " " , meaning he didnt say that, meaning that nobody has debated anything of the first post from "theyr" point of view, not from "ants" point of view


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you have posted things that did in fact belong, unlike haseo
you do not follow me around thread after thread (like a little lost puppy) posting nonsense in order to elicit a response, unlike haseo
some of what you say has merit, unlike haseo

but that does not mean you have not trolled this thread or that your post i called a troll was not a troll

Lord Haseo

You are the one who keeps talking about me Ants, so please get off my 'lap'.

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A very nice history. For the final chapter will it be added the remaining MW accounts at the end of the world joined HotRex and warmly congratulated HotRex for a well deserved victory. Former MW members recalled their gallant victories which they considered to have greatly assisted another tribe win a world. Sadly for MW it's name did not live long in the memory of world 64 and nor did it appear in the Tribal Wars records, other than as a deleted tribe :lol:


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i expect i will continue this story later this month in a new thread

i expect i will then open the thread a lot of the people who posted here seem to be eagerly anticipating, the thread where i will address accusations against our integrity


Positively Shakespearean!
Looking forward to seeing any update :icon_neutral:


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great stuff....can't beat a story involving history, integrity, and disbandment
Took me a while to understand this was sarcasm. I feel dumb.

But to address the issue of disbandment. Really you have to look past a name. If a name is all that matters to you, than a brotherhood cannot exist. Ive seen ~MW~ go (in my eyes) from a tribe...to an alliance...to a brotherhood. To those who criticize us for hugging: WHO WOULD HUG FROM THE SECOND MONTH OF THE WORLD TO THE END PHASE. This is loyalty.We aren't some new alliance that has just popped up for one purpose. We've had many purposes. Many wars. Many Fights. Many assists. Many kills. Its this loyalty that allows us to overlook a name. Who knows maybe there will be a name change. I dont know.

Im proud to be partners with ~MW~. The players deserving will merge to complete our long determined goal and destiny. We'd rather win a world than fight over a name. Regardless of the name, Im sure ~MW~ will be remembered just as much as Hotrex, for their valiant efforts.

Hotrex + Multiple Wargasms = Flaming Dinosaur Multiple Wargasms. (Lol)

I look forward to the final chapter.


Im proud to be partners with ~MW~. The players deserving will merge to complete our long determined goal and destiny. We'd rather win a world than fight over a name. Regardless of the name, Im sure ~MW~ will be remembered just as much as Hotrex, for their valiant efforts.
That might still take a while, because MW looks like they're having trouble vs a tribe that is 10 times smaller. At least it seems that way from our perspective. Maybe when the east is completely conquered, I can see a merge coming.
I look forward to the final chapter.
As do I.


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MW looks like they're having trouble vs a tribe that is 10 times smaller. At least it seems that way from our perspective.
we have already discussed this and yes it is only YOUR perspective

here is a map from about the same time as your declaration...

before you declared, we were already fighting Ex + ~@~ + LOVE
since your declaration, ~@~ + LOVE + NomNom have been eradicated and the war with Ex never stopped

when ~@~ declared, they were over 20 mill points, we were under 60 mill
when you declared, you were over 20 mill points and we were right about 60 mill
when you declared Ex was 35 mill
when we took NomNom out, despite being at war with Ex + ~@~ + Fear? and battling LOVE, NomNom was 20 mill
none of these figures include any of your "academies" (~@2~, NumNum, Evolve, etc)

Side 1:
Tribes: ~MW~
Side 2:
Tribes: Fear?

Timeframe: 19/03/2013 00:00:00 to 16/06/2013 00:13:48

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 664
Side 2: 203
Difference: 461

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 6,176,555
Side 2: 1,872,731
Difference: 4,303,824

basically, when you declared, despite the fact we were battling everybody who bordered us without being allied, despite the fact we were battling more top ranked tribes than anybody in w64, there was so little struggle we decided to throw NomNom in the mix as well

since your declaration, you have lost about half your points while we doubled ours so that NOW (as you point out) you are a tenth our size, not a third

not only have you never been a struggle for us, you have never even been much of a focus, obviously
but now, ~@~ + NomNom + LOVE are all finished :icon_wink:
soon, Fear? will be finished also, without ever being a struggle

as i said the last time i commented after somebody in Fear? posted your sentiments, i can see how your perspective is so skewed, for you ~MW~ is your primary focus, public enemy #1, the greatest threat, your total focus
from any other perspective, you never even affected us

1. you never kept us from our war with Ex
2. you never kept us from our war with ~@~
3. you never kept us from our battle with LOVE
4. you did not even keep us from attacking NomNom till we had dealt with you
5. you lost half your points
6. we doubled our points
7. you were never even a focus except for the players who bordered you

you did not even affect us, let alone cause a struggle
if this is what you call struggling, if you believe you are causing us to struggle, you are in for a rude awakening :icon_rolleyes:


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updated map as of today showing the only 4 tribes mw is currently concerned with (we have no relations with TRI good or bad)

look at THAT map and compare it to the other, then let's discuss again what kind of struggle your tribe presents to us

tell ppauls not to quit yet though, i want him around when i get to the Fear? chapter (obviously) but also for the chapter regarding N-M-E and WeT
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Some valid points there Erig. Obviously a couple of "issues" to be resolved as to which of the MW players are, in your words, "deserving" of a merge....I guess that's where the loyalty you mention comes to an end :lol: With there apparently being no issue of the name of the winning tribe maybe all the biggest accounts from whichever part of the world they are in can just merge and come up with a name for the winning tribe, I'm not sure I have enough points but I would like to put forward the name of "Merged Tribes" with MT as the tag, or maybe a combination of the tribes that the players came from, something like HotRex MW TRI Ex Fear with a tag of HMTEF. If the name or the tag is too long it will have to be trimmed down possibly as short as HotRex MW. Of course there is always the possibility that none of the MW members are found to be "deserving" and it could just be left as HotRex which saves a whole load of name changing :icon_biggrin:


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meh, i guess it is a little amusing when somebody with no chance of winning tries to talk shit about those who will not simply win, but will inarguably win in the most respectable fashion (of any recent world at least)


I was heavily involved with the history of MW before I sodded off to Australia to do a bit of traveling, good times! :) I look forward to taking the time to read more of the thread than the OP and knocking back some flamers....And who knows I may be a part of this world again one day soon :)