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Dear World.

most threads are mainly just a banter between tribes or players. but I thought here to start a thread were we can pay Homage to players or tribes that have bled the battlefield.

It is my hope that we can keep this thread filled with positivity, No need to trashtalk someones Homage. We all have different levels of skills and for a new player a hard battle is not the same as it is for a skilled player with ten years experience.

Now whoever was in control of an account is not relevant as it is impossible for anyone to know, therefore it should be the account getting the homage and not one of ten players that may have sat the account.


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I will start with pay homage to DUX. This irritating account threatened my very existance while I had only one village. The accountowner not only made sure I lost half my nuke while backtiming another player. He also ensured that he backtimed the leftover of my nuke, so with one village, I lost my full nuke -300 LC and had to rebuild again with pits at level 9 8 6.

You gave me hell and I salut you for it. Later on I offered you a place in my tribe but unfortunately your commitment became less and less and you have pretty much left the world now

Thank you for making me tickle and be on my Edge from the very start. you are a big part in why my account is where it is today.


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I also want to pay HOMAGE to FAARK in FART.

Now dont take the following as a banter because it is not meant that way.

In the very birth of this world we had set out to become a RIM tribe that would secure the Rim of Northeast and then move towards the Core.

FAARK with his condenscending nature and his way of treating us as if we were complete fools All of us forced us to adjust that strategy. Instead of securinig the Rim we were forced into a battle with the whole FART family (including Old and wrapit). The were located not no only in our midst but also to our south and towards the core. While having a formidable ( to be the size we were then) war with Norse did we not only end up with territory covering most of k46 K45 and the northern part of K56

But it also gained us respect enough to easier deal with other tribes afterwards. If FAAARK had not decided to teach me alesson, it is quite possible @NIght would have become a shadowtribe in the rim, pretty much like DKS is today. Instead FAARK opened the gate for us towards the Core and I would therefore say that you have a great part in why my tribe is where it is today. Your tribe fough well as well. It is not for no reason that the FART/@NIGHT war early on was callled the only true war. I came to respect several players who gave us a hard time, For instance Mysterious teeth and Lexis.25.

Thank you for being part of what made my tribe what it is today.


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I know you wanted this to be about accounts getting homage but there was one player that impressed me with his determination to give us hell.

That player was originally on doler9 in fart. After the war ended we had 3-4 players trying to kill this guy and were getting sniped repeatedly so we started using noble nukes and he even managed to snipe one of the 4 of those until eventually we bled him of troops. Then this player moved to Jlovekamp and did the same thing, gave us hell for weeks 1 vs many. Then he moved to xaime where i think he got tired as his performance was not up to the same level.

You made the fight difficult for many @night players and that is what makes this game fun. Nobling an account where the owner quit is soooo boring.. so I just wanted to say I really appreciated the tough fight you put up!