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Who knew Jasper had been trying to bring down Beast from the beginning?

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It was TQL who came to us to put an end to the war so that they could help Para against fighting Beast. This was also on the 12th of June.
We played along, as we did want an end to the war... Or at least remove 1 premade from the coalition.


Are you seriously trying to use dukes as a scape goat? A massive part of why Riot! has been so disliked on this world was you. Please never be in a position of leadership again.

I've seen claims like this from a) folk in the coalition and b) King Banana. Beyond that I've never really got the impression that Riot was disliked more than any other tribe. Compared to say Para, Beast or Code there was a bit more early chatter/fuss about Riot as the rank 1 at the time, but nothing unusual about that. Maybe keeping members more evenly spread in the family and avoiding rank 1 might have kept the coalition from uniting so strongly, I guess?


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I said that on the 12th. If our duke had waited and worked things out properly before continuing, it would've been 13 days. Close enough I'd say?

I don't think so our Duke told everyone to join TQL or Other coalition tribes as i think decision was made by players themselves at first place because they weren't enjoying their time in Riot!

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I kept largely quiet for the most part but just wanted to say thank you to all involved. I enjoyed the physical conflict and the verbal sparring. Now I look forward to working with a few of the players taken in as they clearly very good at the game and seem like nice people :)

Thank you to the other coalition leaders and for believing in my initial vision of combining the tribes against Riot. I personally have not been been involved in such a successful and such a large operation before so It was great fun. Obviously it wouldn't have been possible without your considerable involvement, you guys did the heavy lifting :) Was pleased to work alongside you all and hopefully will continue to do so for many many months to come.