Hottest guy on W39 Contest!


im of irish decent yes but born and raised im america. I have to say that or nickers and galum will jump all over me :icon_redface:
I'm of Dutch decent but born and raised in Canadaa. I have to say that or kdeb, MF, tyhpi and all the other Dutch mods will eat me :icon_redface:

Oh, ya. One more thing. Try to keep things appropriate for these forums. Thanks

Vulcan the Great

You own a shirt?:icon_eek:

I was gonna post a shirtless picture but I didnt want to embarrass you clearly:icon_biggrin:
Hey! I have 3 shirts! Jk i haz moar. edit: And you can't say that since I posted another pic on w33 with a shirt on! :)

Pl0x don't Im afraid of the people on w39 making fun of me if they see you shirtless :icon_redface:
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Am I late ?


At least we can agree that Wally's account is filled with smexiness :icon_redface:

Lol is true but is just guys...:icon_cool:

I was wondering why your name sounded a bit familiar but now I see that you played W39 before.

Vulcan the Great

3x smexiness... Mmmmm. I think thirsty is jealous of our super smexy team

Thewall4588= sexiest account on w39. We may only be guys, but wally's calling the ladies over tonight :)