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Can you explain what this would add? Would the message be marked as "read" when doing this even if you can't see the whole message? I voted no because if the message doesn't get marked as "read" for especially the sender, it would just lead to people reading mails without the sender knowing and possibly take actions before officially "opening" the mail and claim ze hadn't read it before... This could potentially lead to all types of foul play, as if it wasn't enough of that already :rolleyes: It's not that hard to just open the mail like normal


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Yeah I agree, you'd end up opening or deleting anyway based off of title or whatever, work on another in game addition instead, like my War Elephants lol!


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Off topic and last post about it, but shit I thought it was red hot idea, haven't been rejected yet, but also haven't been accepted either.

Eagerly awaiting in anticipation, sorry @Limited Edition for my off topic posts.

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I'm not convinced this is a good feature idea as I don't see any value it adds to the game.

Hovering over attacks / reports was useful as a way of scanning it. However, mails should at least need to be manually opened before they can be 'hovered' over, to avoid interference with the 'read / not read' part of the mailing settings. When leading tribes, seeing who is / isn't opening mails and determining activity etc is important.