how can I farm?

Discussion in 'Questions' started by lardingd, Oct 28, 2008.

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  1. Atisai

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    Umm Servy, can I please request this thread to be stickied because this is undoubtedly the best farming guide thats been made out there...

    If not, then may I suggest you guys make a Guides Topic on the forums to make it all easier for us?
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    I also think that it is not so it is particularly necessary to have exact trendlines of a player. There are tools enough.
    But i prefer the use of the last conquers, 'cause if you collect this data and if you set a timestamp for the updates, you are able to calculate the agreement of fresh nobled villages nerby :)
  3. ok :). Fair enough. Onto the next question :lol:.

    As I said in my first post, my co-player on w32 made a farming script which uses world data and some sort of database to help you farm(click once to put in co-ords and troops, click again to press attack and again to press ok). How would you go about working out how to do this?
  4. Marv79

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    i don't know, what data exactly he use, but i think, he filters inactive players an abandoned by distance, copies a list into the script and set a fixed value for the lcav.
    simpel, but not really efficient, i think.

    ok, the troops can still vary by the scores of the villages. So if a village has 200 points, you send 50 lcav and if the village have 500 points, you send 100 or somewhat. there are many possibilities.

    I use the reports and calculate the count of lcav i need to empty the village at arrival.
    So i get reports like this:

    IMO its not legal to read out report using a database in the background, so i send my troops manuel
  5. I find it effective, if I am active enough to send them off all the time, I can farm everywhere within three hours of my vil by LC pretty easily from one village. But then use allyboo's report evaluator to farm the bigger farms near me. My warehouse is near max most of the time with things queueing all the time so I guess it works.
  6. Marv79

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    I didn't say, it doesn't work.
    Of course it works, but i like it to work more precisely.
    Call it fetish :icon_razz:
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    well would you look at this? look at all the effort. i cant believe you did this.
    maybe i should read it?:icon_razz:
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    Can I still do this in the current version of TW (6.5 I think, as of Oct 26 on world 52)? As it stands, I have a form-filling script that I can put on my quickbar, but it requires that I already be at the Rally Point, and I need to click once per attack to fill in attack details, as well as click 'attack' and 'OK' for every attack. Is it possible to have the browser open up all bookmarks in a certain folder on its own, so that I could just go from tab to tab and click each attack's 'attack' and 'OK' buttons?
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    Jun 3, 2009
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    Only if you bookmark farm.

    Script farming (form fill script), requires you to be at the rally point.

    Bookmark farming allows you to open groups of bookmarked links, which will all open at the confirm page, assuming you have premium and have the reports stored for safe keeping, outside the main report list.
  10. metafore

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    Thanks File Not Found!
    In case anyone is reading this after me, you can find details here:

    Instead of putting the links in an excel or word document, you put them in bookmarks sensibly grouped into folders in your browser. You can then import/export your bookmarks for use on other computers.