How do people grow so fast?

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I was just wondering how do people grow so fast. For example after one day of world 89 starting one player got 750 points already. No matter how I think about it don't think its plausible. Even with massive pp spending.


Yes troops are greater than points but without points you can't recruit troops :) It's a balance. As to how do people grow so fast, I have wondered that for awhile. Wish I knew the answer.


Even spending PP won't give you such a start. Best thing is to rush pits at home, complete quests until LC, then recruit LC farm everything and purchase building upgrades for cheaper and half the time. After a while you are the big dog in the K, pump the res back into the prem market and recoup your PP spent.


I was in your position not very long ago. Within the first 1-2 days even when no one's BP ended, I noticed that all of them farmed over 1k villages, got hundreds of ODA, etc.

Most of us got < 50 spears then and even if we farmed 50 villages with 1 spear each, we'd need around 20 waves and not to mention that it'd take tremendous amount of time since spears are slow and we'd have to look for villages literally all over the world map. I know this is impossible but trying to show that spears can no way account for all their stats.

I knew they were using LC but I wanted to know how they got it in day 1/2. I decided to ask top ranked players in a world about their secrets. Most of them ignored my mail but some of them replied and it was enough. The big secret was the Premium Exchange combined with micro farming and LC rush. Basically all they did was focus on spending thousands of PP on resources, spending every second to get LC, training 100+ LC within morning of day 2, attacking hundreds of barbs.

When you mass attack barbs, it's normal to meet spikes along the way. It's likely that they used axes to clear them since they gained hundreds of ODA even on the first few days and LCs are poor against spears. That explains the pre-BP ODA.

Micro-farming with such ridiculously large army of LCs (1 LC per barb) means you'll be able to hit thousands of villages every hour or so. Even if you gain an average of 1 wood, clay and iron per attack, you'll gain a thousand wood, clay and iron every thousand attacks, 10 thousand if the average increases to 10 and so on. You get the idea.

Such players usually train more and more LCs and axes, build resource pits with excess and clear their neighborhood with their fearless army. They get totally unstoppable, powerful enough to annihilate entire tribes and dominate rankings in terms of points, ODA, achievements, etc. It's not usual for them to spend over 15-20k PP within the first week.


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Yes but I see people with 3k points after the third day when their best day of plundering was 10k ish, which was lower than me and I'm on 400 points.


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Honestly startup comes with experience, finding a strategy that works for (you) is the key not everyone's strategy is ideal for the next person.