How does this guy run this community?


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By internal policy, all premium and sale related questions are escalated to Community Managers (including myself and @mellofax ), and we are the only ones allowed to deal with these cases. About 3 months ago we have changed the policy to actually swap items across worlds, which we have also done for a few hundred players so far. So either you have seen it happen before this timeframe, or there was a policy breach (in which case I urge you to send me the ticket number in a private message so I can review it and see where it went wrong).
Sad to see breaches in protocol still happen, where players are treated differently, just a luck of a draw of which mod they draw.
Players would never find this out as they aren't allowed to share tickets among themselves, unlucky for TW support team I happen to play on two accounts which put in the same support request but got different replies from two different mods.


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Oh no man if you comment on how incredibly dumb any of them are publicly they just ban you to silence it. Never point out that their wrong, no matter how obvious it is.