How Good Your Area Is

German Dragon

12 players, 3 inactive, 1 tribe member nextdoor, 58 point lead in my 7x7, ready for BP to end :icon_twisted::axemen:


Looks Like No ones replying to my 7x7 players all of them are inactive (the better):icon_twisted:

Looks lik its time to farm grey villages
sending all Spears
and LC
and a Scout
and bring back the :iron::wood::clay: from that village :icon_twisted:


Mine is pretty decent, 30% resource village 1 sq to my south.
9 barbs in my 8v8 - 3 people in my 7x7 restarted when i asked nicely.


My farms are dry
somone must be farming my farms:icon_evil:
I shall sent a spear in every farm then when I know who did it he will be my new farm:icon_twisted:

Past Time

9 players 2 barbs 2 bonus in my 7x7

4 active, 1 semi-active and 4 inactive. I like it here

xRFCx Buncey

The SK guy in my 7x7 restarted, so now only one other guy has over 300 points (not that that means much) so looks like it could be between me and him... Nive 450 odd barb where =SK= Desire was though =)


I only have one person over 300 points near me still! lol, and he is a member of SW~Z, so that makes me think he is most likely not a threat in the least.

Tribal vMaster

I've got a good area, barbs to farm...players around me are active, but not active enough. (hopefully becoming future farms) I pretty much dominante my 6x6/7x7, but a few players I want rid of my sight. :lol:


Soon many inactive players will turn grays. So it is just a matter of time.


danielb has hands down the best starting point on my K, at least. And he doesn't even use it :icon_sad:


Contributing Poster
I hope this world doesnt go like the last i started, although i wasnt playing much..
tried taking on a whole continent, finally got gangbanged by the top two tribes lol

didnt actually noble me tho, but i couldnt continue and grow at the pace i thought was neccessary so deleted it :)