How is AA still alive and winning?

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Wow, the first time Truth Breaker has posted something accurate :/ it's like he read some of the mails I sent in the last 48 hours :S


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Can someone post war stats without iPod, glutt cartel annex and MF please? Just AA vs ~IL~ stats please (obviously including Otis)


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It is safe to say.. there hasn't been a boring moment in this world
I agree :)

Tbh, maybe one of the most cool worlds that i have been and i havent even reached (nor will be), a million points, heck, not even a 100k :D But this world has been a blast from the past.


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Love it some player talk shit when in the same tribe, but when you want to 1vs1 they get scarred. geuss some cant follow up there big mouth. and run behind the tribe.

and here he thought I just send fakes. geuss noobs never learn

atmospherecf1 today at 15:26
Please stop, or I will have to ask you to leave the tribe.
:O ow no they might kick me or op me :( :(

wait if I get kicked and attack them they might invite me:O
only if I click fast...


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So posting a range of current stats including the in game stats for those not in the relevant tribes.
1. Overall war summary

2. Tribe break down

EDIT: Doesn't include dismissals but using twstats some players can no longer be added now and the tribe page is a good representation of any individual fights as well as the combined.
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