How is AA still alive and winning?


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You can say that AA is winning the war as much as you like, but since the war began AA has dropped to Rank #3, with no real chance of clawing their way back up. They're surrounded, and because of their great Diplomacy, Ronnie has made sure every surrounding tribe dislikes them.

Since this war has begun, Creati and ~IL~ have outpaced them in leaps and bounds. Annex has also gained dominance. Yeah, we can't take AA... but whose in the better position? We have somewhere to go if AA collapse... AA don't have anywhere to go.


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I'm happy my tribe can finally do a 1vs1 war against ~IL~... I'm sorry gamefowl.. ~IL~ used your tribe as a distraction against us.. nothing personal.


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Couldnve said it better Game. And especially while Temple is building villages worth 12154 points.... Well well, thats a fruit you got at the top of MAGA, i wonder how strong nukes come out of those maxed villages.

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I won't be a part of that, I am going to IPOD, too impressed with don't hit me's ability to farm his tribemates to want to play anywhere else. Gotta follow the talent!


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AA vs ~IL

Both tribes are almost the same size..This war will come down to leadership. Basically, whose running the tribe.

~IL~ = Aliandor1
AA = Atmospherecf1

This shit is so unfair, lols... RIP ~IL~...