How to Kill a Duke


Please let us all know your technique for killing a Duke.

Caglen does not have any tricks up his sleeves... we cut off his arms!

(What I meant by "arms" is that we are nobling his villages and his tribemates! )
After g0liath cuts off Calgen's arms

Caglen: Ohhh, had enough, eh?
g0liath: Look, you stupid $astard, you've got no arms left!
Caglen: Yes I have!
g0liath: LOOK!!!
Caglen: Just a flesh wound! (kicking g0liath again)
g0liath: Look, STOP that!
Caglen: Chicken!!! Chicken!!!!!!!
g0liath: Look, I'll have your leg!
(Caglen continues his kicking)
g0liath: RIGHT! (He chops off Caglen's leg with his sword)
Caglen: (hopping) Right! I'll do you for that!
g0liath: You'll *WHAT*?
Caglen: Come 'ere!
g0liath: (tiring of this) What're you going to do, bleed on me?
Caglen: I'm *INVINCIBLE*!!!
g0liath: You're a looney....
Caglen: Caglen ALWAYS TRIUMPHS! Have at you!!

g0liath removes Caglen's last limb.

Caglen: Okay, we'll call it a draw.
g0liath: Come, Butterfly! (they "ride" away)

Caglen: (calling after them) Oh!Had enough, eh? Come back and take
what's coming to you, you yellow $astards!! Come back here and
take what's coming to you! I'll bite your legs off!

So I ask how do you kill a duke?



Someone just showed me this

I should really update it showing how I came back and destroyed the tribe evil when they became the No1 tribe

So you see you can't really destroy some Dukes.