How to move to Casual 5?


Hello :)

I have a village on casual 4 that is stuck, there are zero possibilities to advance and I basically have nothing more to do since I cannot get any new villages or do anything whatsoever, so I'd like to move to casual 5 which being newer should give more options, I remember reading somewhere that it's possible to move when you only have one village, however I cannot find the option anywhere :(

Could someone please explain me how to do it? :)

Thanks in advance!


Tribal Wars Team
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Thanks for your question and sorry to hear you are having issues. While it is impossible to speculate on your particular location, you cannot transfer from a regular casual world to another regular casual world, im afraid. Only worlds with an active end game will allow it. You can of course transfer to it from any other active world however. If you have any more questions please feel free to put in a support ticket from the game and we will be happy to assist you.