Hybrid Soul Show Conspiracy



World 39 Action News team where today's news is brought to you.... Today

Your anchor - Ron Burgandy and Tits Mcgee... I mean Veronica Corningstone


Ron: Good evening World Thirty-Ninediego Im your host Ron Burgandy

Tits: And I'm tits I mean Veronica Corningstone - DAMMIT fix the teleprompter

Ron: :chuckles: Tonight we bring you a story that will shake you to your core of cores. A story that could change the course of history even....

Veronica: But first lets check in on the weather


[spoil]Thanks Veronica well lets take a look at our weather map


Well haha I'm going to be honest here Ron - I dont know what is going on here [/spoil]


Ron: Thanks Brick - Good work as always ... By they way I got the invite to your pants party and I must say as tempting as it is I have a a session of Afternoon Delight with Ms Corningst

Veronica: RON - thats quite enough of that, now On to our main story of the evening we want to bring you live on location with our field corespondent Brian Fantana right after comercial break brought to you by our sponsers


Ron: Brian I hear you have a whopper of an interview

Veronica: Lets go to him now


Brian: Thanks Ron and thanks Tits - I am here on location with the host of the recently canceled program "The Hybrid Soul Show" I want to ask you Hybrid what words do you have to those who shut you down?

Hybrid: This is an atrocity, trying to silence the voice of reason. I am a victim of the Man trying to silence the one who dares to open the eyes to the world around.

Brian: Sound dangerous, I heard you actually had death threats - Prostitutes with Bears performing a little B and E on your residence -V- even canceled your freebies?

Hybrid: Uhhhh not exactly ... you might want to check your sources..

Brian: I understand you can't say much ;) But with this Madness is there anything you want to say now to the world?

Hybrid: All I know is that the producers gave my job to some Hack named Undead Billy Mays... My lawyers are in talks with the station as we speak to get me back on air... Whats that smell? :sniff sniff: Brian - Did you fall into a manure pit and then go douse yourself in gasoline? That smells horrible

Brian: The smell of fear im afraid Hybrid - Ron Back to you.[/spoil]


..PSsst Ron we're Live

Ron: Haha no were not

.. Yes we are your on you cant drink on the air

Ron: I'll punch you in your mouth... right in your ugly mouth

Veronica: Ron we ARE live...

Ron: Oh... Well that was quite an intrusive piece thank you Brian... All i have to say is I have seen that show Veronica and it is Fan-Tast-IC. He is truely one of the Great Minds of our time

Veronica: Ron he's a sleezeball who brings a bunch of freaks on his show

Ron: Agree to disagree... And thats all from our show tonight ...

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