Hydro To Be Purged


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PURGE Declares War on Hydra/SHIELD Family

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We here at PURGE have been watching Hydra and SHIELD grow on our Western flank, with no hesitation for Barbling amongst our clusters. Not even all Bonus barbarians, straight plain-Jane barbarians.

In addition to our peaking temper with Hydra/SHIELD family, one of the members of Hydra nuked TheBlackKnight. This begs the question of whether General Admiral Aladeen plans to commit his family tribe to join the coalition that has formed to purge PURGE. It now does not matter if this is the case, we are not willing to sort this diplomatically. We will now PURGE this family of tribes from World 118.

At the time of writing this, if Hydra and SHIELD merged players and tribes they would be in the top 10 at around 192,000 points. This is why there is a PnP, because they are relevant enough for people to cheer them on if they want to. Plus, I miss PnP.

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Good luck to all the members of Hydra and SHIELD.

Sorry if this PnP is not to your taste. I am just doing my bit to keep it as much alive as possible.