I am looking for a large account in W41


Is anybody thinking about giving up their account? I would be interested in taking one over, contact me and we will discuss a price.:icon_biggrin:


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ill sell you my account for 10,000 dollars us.

im the last account worth taking over, im in the core of axes and my villages have a preztle makers inside of them and a orange julius

i want cash, un marked i want fifty 100 dollar bills and one hundred 50 dollar bills, pack them neatly in a future shop bag and put it into the phone booth outside of your house, dont wait or watch to see who picks up the packadge just drop the money and go....

my password will come to you in a dream after you complete this mission, the world is counting on you,, dont screw up


He told me to do the same thing :O

All I saw in the dream was some crazy Banana chasing a strawberry going 'I bet we would make a great strawberry and banana smooooothie'!

:O maybe that was the password!