I Am Looking For Someone!


Hi players of W54,

I am looking for War-Peace over some matters that needs clarifying.

I have exactly no idea how to contact her, so if anyone from her tribe can tell me her skype contact here, I'd be most grateful.

My Skype name is TeeDeeJay97, I am from Singapore, so if you know the Skype of war-peace, please ask her to contact me via there, or, you can add me on Skype and tell me her contact!

Hope you guys help me :) Thanks!


56 views and still nobody...?

Please help, if you know her on skype, please tell me her Skype...


It would be her decision whether or not to share her contact information with you. In fact, distributing her contact information on this forum without her consent could potentially actually be a breach of rules.

Real Life/Private Information
Please do not post information regarding the Private lives of other users on the forum without their express permission, as it is a gross abuse of privacy. Note that this includes RL pictures, school/college information etc.

Your request is relevant to world 54 insofar as much as the War-Peace account plays this world. I would recommend that your best bet would be to tap connections of people you know that still play this world to get them to pass the message along. Perhaps somebody already did.