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Discussion in 'W10 General discussion:' started by The Jinxxx, Oct 10, 2010.

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  1. The Jinxxx

    The Jinxxx Guest

    Kingwoodly. Or allyboo. Anyone know of their whereabouts / contact info?

    Thank you, that is all.
  2. Floritus

    Floritus Guest

    Allyboo can be found on IRC most of the time, and Woodly should be in the KFC since he has completely quit TW.
  3. The Jinxxx

    The Jinxxx Guest

    Mind elaborating on which IRC? You're one of the 'scapers who came over to TW, aren't you? Feel like I remember your name from either DI/AG/DF or one of those groups ages and ages ago..
  4. Floritus

    Floritus Guest

    Yep, been in RDC, RR and DI, no idea who you are though :icon_redface:
    Anyways for the IRC: http://webchat.quakenet.org/?channels=#tribalwars
    As for woodly, you can find him on skype as 'kingwoodly' but I don't know if he's ever around anymore :icon_sad:
  5. The Jinxxx

    The Jinxxx Guest

    Ahh I was in RR briefly. J I N X O if I remember right. But I went the NH route shortly after (came to TW with Aggression on W7, part of the AG-DI rivalry that somehow spilled over into this game lol) so my stay was unlikely to be noticed, although I feel like you were one of the F2P PK leaders. Or at least seem to remember following you around in piles a bit haha. Whatever the case may be, I appreciate the info :)
  6. Floritus

    Floritus Guest

    Was RDC leader and used to be RR warlord for a while, good old times :lol:
    Well I hope you got a hold of them :icon_wink:
  7. KingWoodly

    KingWoodly Guest

    Just got back from KFC. What's up?
  8. Jagerblue

    Jagerblue Guest

    Scape invasion was funn :icon_biggrin:
  9. sean5500

    sean5500 Guest

    Do you ever think of going back to runescape? I used to play myself but it got to a point where it was boring so all I did was PK and then when they took the wildy away I left the game.

    I would go back if we got like a clan of tribalwars players :)
  10. My runescape lifetime;

    Click on trees for a month for a stupid cape > Got hacked > Quit
  11. allyboo

    allyboo <img src="http://web.extern.innogames.de/morthy/lo

    Aug 5, 2007
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    I'm here! I think I remember you... maps yep? :)