I bid you adieu



Been fun playing with you guys here on w6. I'm not going to mention any names as there's to much to mention. I leave w6 with the knowledge that I'm one of the few players ever to have come close to Snafu's major enemy capping and I am very happy with that :p But now it's time for me to leave due to real life obligations.

My account will be taken over by an experienced and skilled person, however, in the future when you metion warham, you will probably have to adress the account with a 'she'.

I hate long ramblings so this is enough for me. Byebye! I'll be sure to drop in on the PnP from time to time.

PS: Posted for relevance(and for nestra):
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Meh I'm 99.9 % sure you'll be playing tw again in less than half a year :p

lord of teror

warham it's been a blast with...I hope you can come with me on w43...it will be an honor...if not well...it's been great:)...hope we will meet one day:p


I can join if you sit me for all the weekdays, and 50% of the weekend :p

the con man

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Aw less people on pnps too. Out of interest what was snafs cap record and what did you get?

Sorry to see you go.


I had somewhere around 300+ caps on SIN in the end, but I stopped nobling multiple times because of boredom(easy opponents). I think I had more then snaf at a particular time(probably because I had more coins due to my 5 month ~inactivity~ before the SIN war), but snaf always kept going and never stopt sowing destruction lol. He's still busy with that, nothing gets in his way:p

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Goodbye Warham, I lub you foreverz! <3

When you realize I have a better body than those men in the showers, I'll be here waiting for you. ;D


dang it all spammie... I was going to ask you for support against your own tribe :)... oh well LOL


Laters Warham.

If you ever feel that urge to return, Change sides eh :icon_wink: