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Hey all,

I made a website for TW Scripts. I was thinking we could make this into a library for all approved scripts. Currently, I only have Shinko to Kuma's scripts up there. But I would be thrilled to partner with other script makers. The website will need to be adapted to multiple people.

URL: http://tribalwarsscripts.com/
Goal: To be #1 library for TW Scripts
Benefits: We can host the script paths here.

Do tell me what you think. Feedback on the designs, too, are always welcome.

Cheers, and stay safe!



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Navigation menu on mobile is cut-off. WordPress sites can be annoying at times... Is muON Marketing your company?

Also, does anyone know if browser extensions for scripts are legal if they are approved?


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Because you are not sending/receiving sensitive data from that website. It is an informational site. A SSL certificate costs money.

Not necessarily. You could get a free account on cloudflare and they'll do flexible SSL for you (which means that you get SSL between client and cloudflare, but not between cloudflare and server). You would just need to handle to just accept requests that come through cloudflare (which is easy to do by changing to their nameservers).

A small hint, but as you say, for a purely informational website without login, ... it's fine to be HTTP.
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