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Hello all,

I am searching a co player for my account on the Dutch version of Tribalwars. I need a co on the following times: 22:00 - 12:00 (may differ) this is my time: GMT +1 hour, Amsterdam.

What do I have for you?
I have a REALLY nice account for you to come play on with me. This account has rank 17 at the moment and growing rank 8, so it should improve. The account started 2 months later and so this rank is pretty good. It has about 1.1mil points and a nice cluster. Continent rank = #1. I'm by far the biggest player in my area and every neighbour is scared of me. Loads of targets and loads of fun :icon_razz:.

World settings:
Clicky and then press "Wereldinstellingen" (hope you can read it :icon_rolleyes:)

What am I looking for?
I am looking for a co player that is online somewhere between the following times: 22-00 - 12:00. This is GMT +1 hour, Amsterdam's time. So if you come from somewhere like Canada or Australia, you can play on daytime while I'm sleeping :icon_biggrin:.

Experience is a MUST. I don't want any noobie on my account, only someone who knows what he's doing and has SKILL.

PM me for more info and if you are interested and tell me some things about yourself and your experience :)