I need a sig and avater


I know this is off topic (non w44 related)

but as I havent got any help in the graphics forum, I was hoping maybe someone from this world could help me out. this is what I posted on the graphics forum -

Hopefully somebody can help me.

I have played in TW.net since world 1 with the same name(account) and have never had a decent sig or avater. So I was wondering if anybody could possibly sort me out with one or each.

This is what I would like in both, they would have to go together in a theme.

The face of the 'Psychokilla' from the scream horror movies. A dark background of some sort. Lots of blood if you can get it looking good. ANd my Name 'Psychokilla' in a gothinc(but not flamboyant) type script. There is a script called 'NekroKids' that looks quite good.

Otherwise it is up to you.

I would prefer 'Psychokilla' to be in a blood red colour, as long as it doesnt clash with the afor mentioned blood.

I dont want it to look too over the top, But I want blood LOL!

Cheers in advance to anyone that can help me out.

again, I am sorry if this is in the wrong place. I just want a decent sig and Avatar.


I just read Blood.. Blood... Blood.... and Blood........................ again. *Scary*


i am not that well with blood but if you contact me then i can always try something out for you..
But i like to commuunicate when i work on it, but your discription what you wants is pritty clear.

a blood tryout from me..... dunno what to think about this one,,, the font is ok the rest,, so fake....



Something with a little...blood on it I'm assuming? Haha. Nice sig.


does he? nope, i don't think so

what on earth gave you that impression? :^)

:p :p :p


who wants to make me one ? lol it would be very nice of you if you could ;)

just a pic of a cow in a field will do me
with the words leatherballs

thanks again


Since everyone wants a Sig i need one too, with alot of writing on it. Sog if you can help out, be creative and make a sig with these words