I Need Your Help!


To write a successful blog, I NEED YOU!


I'm looking for a few things...

1) Interview volunteers!

2) Players that have been a part of the top tribes for a long time, to help write a "history" of them.

3) Suggestions for things YOU want to see in the blog issue.

Now I know not all players follow the externals especially late into a world, so...


Get your tribemates to contact me at ArmyOfLoners on W54, or right here on the forums.

You can't spell BLOG without U! oh wait...
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1) Me! I volunteer for an interview!

2) I don't really want to volunteer people for this, but I've been in WIN! for a long time, and would be willing to write a history-type-thing from my perspective.

3) Interviews, and relating the content of those interviews to various stats... Standard blog stuff, I guess... Also, a critical analysis of the apparent intelligence of your interviewees... Or not... I'm dumb :(


I sent you an in game message on who i'd like to see you interview:)


Who will it be?

Me? :icon_cool:
I have been pretty much a forerunner on the world. Been in a lot of top tribes :lol:
And yeah, for more self praise, I was always included in the most influential players list on this world :icon_rolleyes:


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Well........if you as me I could give pretty good analysis of the tribe PUNCH!....

I could give analysis of their players...

1. koala karl
2. joshsed
3. spusdeick
4. hibanoub
5. shadow who?


wait the duke..vath...yeahhh!!!:icon_biggrin:

btw these players loves me so much! we encourage them to be who they are...hhahhaaha!!!
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Yeah, I'd say ampac is the most qualified to give objective judgments of the players in punch.


I once made a summary of W54 with maps. I led Punch for 300 days and pretty much know every little detail about world, if you wanna interview i can give you one with also using maps. You can contact me on forums
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MOST of the blog will be done tonight, all the long stuff, then just waiting for some players to get back to me to finalize things for the 1st issue :) Anything I don't get back from players when I'm ready to post issue 1 will go on a 2nd issue.



Read it and did enjoy it. Thanks for this. Definitely thought we'd hear from one of the the Punch! folks but. There's always the next issue.

Nice Job!


Nice blog. Enjoyed reading it. :icon_smile:
Was hoping to hear Punch! story as well though....maybe next time.