I smell vermin..

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Rat Pack

Good afternoon,

Returning dutch player (please have mercy) and looking for some fun (basically developing an unavoidable addiction to the game again) on the .net-servers.
I've chosen to put my ratclaws on this forum as a sign of positive enthusiasm towards w90 community.
Yes, world has advanced quite a bit, yet, it is only a beginning. I basically see this world as a buffer, where I can get back onto the scene.
If people still play this game ofcourse, after a while, I'll be around to get my rat pack rising. One does not simply quit this game forever, aye?

Feel free to spam/entertain/question/etc me ingame, as I'd love to see what we have in store here.


Soul Harvest

New Member
Welcome back!

I have the same problem...different names, different worlds, different people... always end up back playing TW's ><
I might need some kind of TW rehab :/

At least il have you folks there for company xD
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