Idea: tribe bash only!


Hello guys,

I just got an idea in my smoky head I cant get over without asking for your opinion: would u think a speed round with this settings could work?
only Tribemembers are able to attack/support!
nobling villages is deactivated!

: 400
Unit Speed: 1
Runtime: 2-4h

Winning condution: player with the most offensive bash points (OPD) gets 100pp, member of tribe with most OPD gets 10pp each

Morale: Inactive
Militia: Inactive
Attack/Support gap: Milliseconds (100)
Beginners Protection: -
Technologies: simpel
Paladin: Inactive
Archers: Inactive
Church: Inactive
Academy: -
Tribe Limit: 10, leaving tribe is possible!
Starting level: Level 3
Farm limit: Inactive
Fake Limit: 0%

Barbarian Villages: No
Bonus Villages: No
Choose Starting Direction: Active

Sleep mode: Inactive
Sitting mode: Inactive
So the idea is that u can choose when u wanna be able to attack and get attacked by then. You join a tribe ("fight club") where you bash other members to get more OPD. You can leave the tribe at any time you want to and also rejoin, if there's free space.
Could I just leave when i get Incs and then rejoin? What happens when I do so?
Attacks wich allready runs when you leave the tribe will impact! Leaving and/or switch tribes will not save you.

How does supporting works?
Like attacking, you can send and get sended support to/by other tribe members. So u may join with one or two friends and stay under the radar till you and your team hit the rest together!

Why should i switch my tribe or found an own one?
When you get beaten by your tribe members its obviously why you leave them. There will be a naturally competion between lokal fight clubs about members to beat, so many switches may brings you into a tribe where you can be part of the leading team and loot the victims!

On the other hand you have the 10pp for each of the 10 member of the winning - so most aggressiv ANd constant - tribe...

Whats about tribe rights (positions/priviligs/w.e.)?
A tribe founder, leader or inviter can recruit and release members of the fight club. Everything stays the way it is, so there are no changes.
Like in every speed bash you end the round with the same village you started with. A high Level start seems compatible, a multivillage start optional.

So what do you think? Playable? Nonsense? Disgusting? Please let me know! =)

LG Bobah

PS @Mod: is that techniclly even possible? x,D
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Tribal Wars Team
Community Management
We can not limit attacking to members of a tribe, so no, it's not possible :p
Happy to see you're creatively thinking of new round types! Keep it up!