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Using the dynamic group functionality, I've created groups that will give you a suggestion on which flag to use in a village. This serves the purpose of not spending an unnecessary amount of time investigating your village and which flag should be used. However, these suggestions are designed for general situations, so don't follow them blindly if you know that your village may be in a bit of a different situation.

This guide has the following requirements:
  • You have a premium account
  • You have a manual group where you add villages that will attack (e.g. "OP standby")

Priority order
In order for these groups to work, there needs to be an order in which way the flags get suggested. The groups in this guide have the following order of priorities:
  1. Population flag
  2. Defense flag
  3. Attack flag
  4. Recruitment flag
  5. Coin flag
  6. Haul flag
  7. Resource flag
Note: I have excluded the luck flag in this guide, since the attack flag is almost always better in my experience.

Flag groups
To set up the groups, you need to make use of both the filters of the dynamic groups (obviously), as well as the filter combinations. You can access the "filter combinations" page by pressing "edit combinations" after adding the filters.

As you will see below, each group is connected with each other (in the order of the priority list). So if you want to make some changes to the filters, like requiring a village to have 500 light cavalry, instead of 200 light cavalry in this guide, for a haul flag suggestion, you need to do this change in each group that is lower on the priority list.

Population flag group
Suggests that a village that is a population bonus village and has more than 23000 population used, should use a population flag.

Defense flag group
This group suggests that only a stacked defensive village should equip this flag. I have defined this as a village which has a level 18 wall or higher, 8000 spears or more and 8000 swords or more. I also allow the swords to be substituted by 2000 heavy cavalry. Due to technical limitations of the group filters it was not possible to combine swords and heavy cavalry to a certain population number. Instead, various combinations can be made and I have made 4 combinations (e.g. 4000 swords and 1000 heavy cavalry) in my guide. If you want it to be more accurate you can add more combinations yourself.

Attack flag group
Suggests that a village in your manual group for attacking should use the attack flag. In this guide, the group is called "OP standby".

Recruitment flag group
Suggests that a village with less than 18000 population in troops and more than 3000 free farm space should use a recruitment flag.

Coin flag group
Suggests that a village with an academy and more than 200.000 of a single resource should use a coin flag.

Haul flag group
Suggests that a village with more than 200 light cavalry, should equip a haul flag.

Resource flag group
Suggests that any village that doesn't meet the requirements for the other flags should use a resource flag.

Map highlights
Personally I also like to add these dynamic groups to my map highlights, so that I can see if a village needs a new flag whenever I look over the map. This looks as follows:

In the example, the defensive village (the left one) has the suggestion of equipping a resource flag, while the offensive village (the right one) has the suggestion of equipping the haul flag. I know the icons aren't easily readable on the map, but for me it is helpful enough. You can add these groups by going to "Manage Highlights" and then "Add own group", where you add your dynamic group.

The Symbol-URLs for the flag icons that I used are:
  • Population flag: graphic/flags/medium/6_9.png
  • Defense flag: graphic/flags/medium/4_9.png
  • Attack flag: graphic/flags/medium/3_9.png
  • Recruitment flag: graphic/flags/medium/2_9.png
  • Coin flag: graphic/flags/medium/7_9.png
  • Haul flag: graphic/flags/medium/8_9.png
  • Resource flag: graphic/flags/medium/1_9.png



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