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Discussion in 'World 45' started by sabbith, Apr 11, 2011.

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  1. sabbith

    sabbith Guest

    Wow, this thread has no signs of human life, seems like the must be wiped out by that barbs. Oh well...
  2. RyantheStripper

    RyantheStripper Member

    Mar 19, 2011
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    wait, im still alive...

    slowly creeps out of the rock where he layed

    World 45... long live world 45...

    dies suddenly, seemingly without shame
  3. sabbith

    sabbith Guest

    examines the stripper's body

    looks like he died of, stripperism, the only male stripper in w45, he must of been brutalized and overused by the gay men and women...

    camera zooms in sabbith

    that its for these week folks, seeya next week when we venture into world 2, the lost forgotten world!
  4. sabbith

    sabbith Guest

    credits play and the audience claps
  5. papoomio

    papoomio Guest

    Quack Quack!
  6. mitsche

    mitsche Still Going Strong

    Aug 7, 2008
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  7. Axobongo

    Axobongo Guest

    Quack,, and Boo. ..intriguing stuff
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    ,,, and now, back to our program..
  8. Lisa

    Lisa Contributing Poster

    Mar 1, 2009
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    This world needs more :


  9. pugzie 122

    pugzie 122 Guest

    this world should be closed for new joiners.

    sort it out mods :p
  10. papoomio

    papoomio Guest

  11. Axobongo

    Axobongo Guest

    A resounding congratulations to Papoomio for gaining number one status! didn't think i would ever see such a thing , mitsche has held the seat for so long . amazing job. i am awe struck and ,, uop,, i just peed a little. (ahem,, metaphorically of course,,,)
  12. Scoregasm

    Scoregasm Guest

    Congratulations to Pap on finally retaining rank 1, well deserved.

    1st player on this world to noble, and still the original player on the account :)
  13. chanevr

    chanevr Non-stop Poster

    Jul 21, 2011
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    Original player..... thats pretty cool. Not many players can actually claim that status. That alone is worth noting.
  14. angrim

    angrim Well-Known Member

    Feb 3, 2007
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    I've been playing under the same name since world 1, never had a coplayer even.
  15. chanevr

    chanevr Non-stop Poster

    Jul 21, 2011
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    Hey Angrim thats also really cool. I dont like the idea of co playing either. In fact I think it should be banned. Let them all try and be active when they are lone players and then see the big mouths that brag about their activity. Then they gotto use the sitting rule. LOL
  16. Axobongo

    Axobongo Guest

    Hey Chanevr, your words show you are one of the worthy, in my view.
    we must remember, The Honorable spirits of the wise leaders of Omen have had to bend some to the will of many of their kin , as is the nature of politics, and its a pity you and some others of a worthy nature, but different style of play, had to suffer the consequences. It has been a weird world indeed,, i suppose its fair to say this Empire was built on hugs, at least by a large extent , beyond the obvious skill and determination of the worthy fighters who gained the needed status to create that sort of a thing..

    i think it should end with hugs as well,, heh,, i know i could use one. ;)

    So, while there is a touch of bragging in the air, i may as well put in my two coins,,, i Axobongo, have never had a co player, and only ever had briefly been 'sat'. i have also never changed tribes, nor shirked a battle against impossible odds, and had only ever been rimmed but once.

    and 90% of the time, i have not even had a premium.

    TW-wise, that is fairly an accomplishment, i should think,, but thank the gods the world is ending, as i obviously have a Real Life to get back to.. lol,

    Peace everybody!
  17. Luethdno

    Luethdno Guest

    “This is John Connor: If you are reading this, you are the resistance.”
  18. Muldie325

    Muldie325 Contributing Poster

    Jun 19, 2007
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    Omg Axobongo! Remember me? I can't believe you're still here. XD
  19. Axobongo

    Axobongo Guest

    Holy Moly,,, or should i say, holie Mouldie !!?! lol great to see your moniker again.. yes,, this old chief is still here!, and will still be here on the final day!,, despite the obsession of Poledra/whome , Enderged and Mfraanje,, and such, the math makes it so.. ( hey Poledra, nice one sending attacks that will land after world closing, lol,, noob ;)

    Muldie, my old mentor,,you ol' bonza,, if you know how to contact Guinness, let me know. also, send a private message , i would like to exchange email or facebook with you and with a few who are in Omen, in case one day i aim to create an all-star tribe,, ( i think i figured out a winning formula, a pre planned effort i would one day discuss first with the select few )... but truly, i will break for awhile.

    its been a heck of an odyssey ,mate.
  20. Axobongo

    Axobongo Guest


    i see a spoiled little fat kid, mouth covered in chocolate smears, surrounded by luxury and toys,, and complaining that he has not the latest gameboy disc ,, and yelling at his generous parents that others have something he does not. in a constant state of tantrum because torturing little critters doesn't satisfy him as it used to. . but he wants more, as stomping on little kittens is the closest thing he gets to pleasure.

    Who is this ? lol,,Whome could it be? any guess anyone? lol.. who is it that whines and cries on your forum about me? There are just some who cant accept reality,, but worse , they expose their true character as unseemly, snotty, and somewhat nauseating.

    It is time to accept it people, Axobongo is here to the end, congratulations are in order,, are they not?

    in this final phase, i have been honored to witness noble spirits among you. it is a pleasure to have shared this world, either as opponents or allies , with several of you.
    My accomplishment in this world has been, in part , to set an example. i hope i did that.

    Usually, the goal is to become strong and powerful, and get to join with the top tribe and so on. i set out to never surrender, as if my life and ancestral culture depended on it, thus i realized early that reaching Number 2 would be as reaching number 1 for me,, as the only way to be number 1 would be to merge or join the number 1 tribe, and since that was not an option, number 2 would mean overcoming all the rest.

    oddly, i did that. [​IMG]

    This is legendary stuff, , some of you had a hand in making this happen. None of you who helped create this phenomenon betrayed your tribes, but at most, defied the will of some of your more unpleasant tribe mates. Yet were quietly rooted on by others of your own too .

    Those such as Poledra421 , who hijacked Whomes account and disgraced it. Mfraanje , Bighowling , and Enderged , and even Dustin L , have shown me, and hence you all , that they are persons of spite, for it is only spite that motivates these new attacks , since it is clear i will not be conquered ( its either spite, or they are just a bit dim) . But its a character all will remember ,( and may it dog you in other worlds as a pox)

    New attacks today , from this lot, and now otto, and they keep coming..hahaaa. They show only a flaw in character , a tantrumesque bully attitude, that can't have his way, and must be spiteful and disgrace himself, and will still ultimately be unsatisfied.
    i beat you suckers obsessed with my demise.face it.[​IMG]

    These 7 and just a few others in your admirable tribe would not likely have lasted long in my tribe, As Axo policy was always to weed out the 'wankers' ,, the snotty, abusive types , no matter how skilled and promising, were not allowed to grow, even if their position of strength meant some sacrifice. in the end, its best . These are the types that would betray their smaller tribe to join a larger.. i urge you all , future leaders ,to heed this concept.

    And the end result means a group of minds that work in harmony. and a pleasure to look at the forum. A force of loyalty happens that has more power than points .

    Create a happy copacetic tribe, and even members who merge in wont mind if you don't offer co-duke to their old duke , and if their old duke is of the rancid personality, they wont mind finishing his reign or account , along with you , either.

    When peoples sense of humor is only sarcasm and hurtful words, who needs that crap? boot them, kill them,, they deserve to be treated as they treat others.

    Your leaders, Mitsche and Papoomio, are exceptional people. The kind it graces us to meet, be it in this model or real life. i have learned alot from them, simply through observation. I was a little disappointed to miss 'The Big War' and pick up the pieces from it,, For it would have given me a small chance to prevail over all if either of those tribes broke apart,, they did not give me that chance. If this were real life, they would have been applauded for saving countless lives and bloodshed. And in the end, they won the crap out of this world.

    i congratulate you all,, even those i somewhat despise , for most all of you fought hard and endured to reach this point. and most all of you have conquered more than i ever had, but bear in mind, i never used scripts, ( except for a 'manager' that allows me to send multi attacks within the milliseconds) , so i spent more time at grunt work , coordinating, and strategizing, and managing the masses, than gaining an impressive stat.
    But an impressive stat is an impressive stat, and so i tip my hat to you all who have achieved it,, ( i suppose that includes Dustin,, who is now sending attacks 53 hours away,,lol,, and trains of scouts , trailed by support troops,, omg, is it a noble train? oh, how shall i ever know?? lol)

    i even must give credit to Jerasu, who's lack of humor ( except for the town name 'gate with sock,,heh,good one) and his urge to find argument with anything i have said, has revealed displeasing aspects for me, and i know i am not well favored by him. but he has had the good sense and grace to let up on attacks, realizing that there is no meaning in them, i can't now be beaten, so i offer my respects to you, jerasu, for that intelligence, i assume you would have preferred my demise, but at least your sensible in this.

    [​IMG] So here we are people,, we have all endured to the end, we have all followed through. about 10 of you i would well enjoy sharing a tribe with, and the rest, i don't know. Thanks for the offer to join, if i had not been determined to do what i set out to do, it would have been the thing to do. but i am just doing what i do, and i am grateful for those of you that appreciate it.

    May you all fare well beyond this point.