I'm finally off ciga....Tribalwars

Discussion in 'World 5' started by DUMBUMCLUM, Feb 19, 2010.

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  1. King BenX

    King BenX Guest

    at the end there can be only one! :icon_twisted:

    and this will be... :icon_rolleyes:
  2. rowanbaen

    rowanbaen Guest

    Who wins?, Who looses?
    Mostly the best don't win, neither do the intelligent, so with this info you still have a shot for the win benx. :)
  3. xJezuzx

    xJezuzx Guest

    Ah yes, good point. Don't worry, in the end all your villages will have the name "Taco Empire".:icon_cool:
  4. xJezuzx

    xJezuzx Guest

    Speaking of Tacos, better make some breakfast before I head to bed. Perhaps it's time for you to change your ways Benx, there'll always be a way to convert. Eating Tacos everyday makes one happy. Food makes your day, your day makes the food. In the end you'll come to love Tacos.;)
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    DUMBUMCLUM Contributing Poster

    Jan 7, 2008
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    Okay, I lied. THIS will be my last post. I just had to inform you that I still have respect for the taco ways. I had 5 of them for breakfast this morning... And my love for KK is undying.
  6. metaller

    metaller Guest

    if i betrayed them then i would have joined an enemy side or given my pass to an enemy or something. quitting without wanting my account to be played by someone else is not betrayal in my eyes
  7. slingzaar

    slingzaar Guest

    I don't think the fact of Neo disappointing is worse to anyone but myself. He was a neighbor and a friend for quite sometime. I had commanded him in several operations, and he was a great asset to have.

    Although this action certainly tarnishes Neo's accomplishments, he will still be remembered as a friend and a skilled TW player.
  8. xJezuzx

    xJezuzx Guest

    Yes but by deleting you became a cost, a burden. There's nothing worse than people deleting and going grey, specially on fronts. As a player doing this, you show no care four your tribe or leadership. You aren't doing them a favor, you become a problem and something people are disgusted with. People wont be appreciating ever playing with you due to such reasons.

    See it as the Duke is planning an operation an a nerd comes yelling "Omg!!! I didn't want to play any more so I chose to delete!! Cool isn't it!". Nukes are deducted from nearby players as well that of nobles. Luckily Neonius was never on any important front but I believe you all can see the issue if he was on a front. Suddenly 5 millions goes grey.

    There's nothing worse than people going grey and deleting, as a Duke or any leader you look against the other with disappointment. For us that are busy, you created more work and got in the way of the tribe you played for. Going grey is close to the same of helping the enemy in my eyes. You slow down your own tribe and let the enemy gain from it.

    But sure Metaller, when you leave then delete. I'm sure Andrew will find several new names for you. It's more of a pain than you know.
  9. darkraven9

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    Feb 3, 2008
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    I disagree with you xJezuzx, because when a player deletes he often has no real care for the said internet tribe any. It becomes unimportant to the reality. Its the people who make the tribe, not the tribe who makes the people. I could give two craps about SCIROS if it didnt have a few players who I felt like fighting alongside, and I can tell you if I ever delete then SCIROS will be the last thing I am worried about.

    I also extremely disagree with you about deleting somehow disgusting other people. If I were to ever delete, sure, a few people would be disgusted with me. But:
    1. I probably dont care about those people who get mad anyway so it would not matter.
    2. The people who I actually do care about this game would realize that it was my decision and respect that, and go on.

    Some of my best friends have deleted on this game, I find it hard to be disgusted with someone who wants to quit an online game...

    So do you have a right to be pissed off about a player in your tribe deleting? Sure, I guess.
    But quit whining because its something that you have to get used to now if you have not already.
  10. Daikou

    Daikou Guest

    Thanks DBC, It's a shame we couldn't of had more opportunities to battle, but we did a good job of working together. The HOPLON "skirmish" was really a fun period where most of TSE was clicking as a group and working together and just pushing along, can't comment on how things are nowadays.

    @Jezuz, I'm an MP in the Army, not a deck cleaner, plus that's for Navy people, not Army. You should know better than to listen to Rowan, that kid has no life but to post on these forums about his suspicions of others life because he's saddened by the fact his own lacks of any importance to anybody but himself. Tisk Tisk, same ol' shitbrick Row.

    BTW: KingBenX > Rowan
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  11. spam cat

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    Dec 7, 2007
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    Won't lie i have read none of this. All i have to say is that goodbyes on forums (especially long ones) are pretty lame. Just one last dash for some attention.
  12. we can relate to tacos-crushing them :p

    goodbye friend, sad to see you go, never had a chance to engage with you in the game, but with 70% empty offensive villages, its a shame :p

    i think recruiting players from other worlds is a very sly tactic jezuz. the whole charm of world 5 is that nearly everyone knows everyone by now so introducing some other world noobs is only going to spoil your tribe and the world 5 banter, and what ive seen from these new guys is poor.

    deleting the account is a poor move though, its not like everyone in world 5 are desperate to use their plentyful amount of nobles on yet more barbarian villages.
  13. rowanbaen

    rowanbaen Guest

    Says the one who just can't put away how great he feels about himself.
    Just keep explaining you are not this or that, but an MP. (meaningless person? :icon_biggrin:)
    tsstsst, just the same lame .... from bigdaddytommy.

    If i was you i'd make the same choise too, what would be the fun of deleting my acount, when you could delete a 10 mil + account. :)
  14. Daikou

    Daikou Guest

    Rowan, do you dislike me just because of the fact that even though I quit almost what...a year before you've left, I still achieved more than you with the account I was on. 3.5mill points when I quit, you achieved what...2.8mill points or something close to that? Tisk Tisk, and did I call it or what, without Fizz or Daz around to save your ass, you do what...quit, up and leave.

    I am not this or that, I am who I am, Tom. A 22 year old Military Police Officer enlisted in the US Army. And what are you? A worthless, meaningless, fragile little ugly boy, beaten by his father, whilst possibly being gangbaned somewhere in a basement by multiple members of SCI, mainly the ringleader being WigSplitter. Nothing lame about me, but you should check the mirror sometime.

    Ahh but you see, I wouldn't take on a account unless given the chance to fight quite often without so many set rules to it. King BenX doesn't need to give away his account or have any help, he's gone this far and played very well, you on the other hand...you're just the bottom feeding scum who latched onto a formidable players balls (Daz's) and stuck around under them just hiding and making due to keep your head above water so you could come on here and speak. Well it's not working, sad thing is that I still get offers from players on here for accts, co-play, takeovers, help outs, hints. I'm not the greatest player, nor do I claim myself to be, but I think even if I've taken over a couple accounts, I can turn them around and make them better, regardless the tribe they're in.

    Currently busy on UK4 so I'll leave it at this, Rowan, you're garbage and always have been. DBC, I hope to see you around sometime, we had plenty interesting convos, you were a good player and good friend, sorry for trashing up your farewell, TW needs more players of your caliber.
  15. rowanbaen

    rowanbaen Guest

    YAAAAWNS, nice introduction?
    Military police officer in the us army, good for you but I need an actual education for my job.

    People giving such a kind of a personal discription to others are mostly treated that way themselves.

    i'm confused, what account of 'yours' are you reffering to now?
    And what did you achieve? seas of barbarians? :p
    And looking at the rest its pretty obvious you don't know much more then your own name and your job.

    You still get accounts offered? they dare.
    But as for the rest it seems to me you don't know anything more then your own name and job.

    'Busy on a game'?
    How low and disapointing.

    Byebye deck cleaner. :)
  16. wigsplitter

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    Feb 9, 2008
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    How and why was my name brought up? should i take that as a compliment or as an insult? eitther way, doesn't really matter, just a bit startled to see my name.

    infamous or famous?
  17. manjohead

    manjohead Guest

    I have no idea wigsplitter.. Let's just go with famous shall we? :p LOL
  18. xJezuzx

    xJezuzx Guest

    Thebettertwin, how many have the account Sweetcretings had? Isn't lfkd the tribes that gathered most from other worlds?

    I believe when we gather top players from other worlds they'll do a good work, many do. However there's always a chance of bad people tagging along, we suffered several deletes just because some people got tired or become such a problem that someone had to be strict with them. It was a pain specially on the R2-tru front when people lacked nobles, suddenly someone just deletes without you getting a good reason. Several reason was because one who became a problem told his friends to delete.

    But since it's inlegal to have two accounts in a world, how would we replace leaving players? They can't play at the same world, and any player is better than none. Sometimes there isn't good players around and then you get to settle with a bad temporary one. Like Dervel73, the owner was online at skype the day before he went yellow and havn't logged in since. He had received a lot of help but at one point didn't bother with playing anymore.

    However I believe that you received quite the surprise recently thebettertwin, would you call that a bad player?

    And yes darkraven, I got used to people deleting. However it's a pain when people who doesn't understand why others delete later on do it themselves. Neo had a few problems, me recommending him to use script most likely crushed that tribe relation and he flipped(As in got a great new idea).

    If you're a duke then you a big burden, a cost appear on the map. As a player it doesn't mather to you because you don't see that far ahead.

    And Daikou, the Hoplon period where mainly done by you and Rm07. You both complained about that the rest couldn't keep up, however they were active on the forum.
  19. xJezuzx

    xJezuzx Guest

    Couldn't agree more.