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Hello again :) I have another suggestion, this time in regard to commands. I'm suggesting to implement a feature where by you can have some form of icon next to commands similarly to the change text feature, which if pressed highlights the command and in doing so filters it so that upon the command expiring it is directed into favourites or some form of important folder within the reports section, if this implementation was coupled with some form of notification that separates itself from the usual report icon number going up by 1, would be greatly beneficial in my opinion, say a noise alert like incoming attack or some other method of informing you that something you deemed important is now in your reports. I believe this will help players in the heat of an OP where we change the title of the command if we wish to do some form of action to it when it lands such as "recall troops after this lands" but when reports are coming in non stop and you are sniping or planning recaps, and forget about the certain command you tried to pay attention to or so busy you can't filter reports to find the right command you labelled, you can assure yourself the command will go somewhere you can remember and the game will alert you to it.


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Approved for voting. Good luck!

Zeddy Le Mange

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A column next to the tag icon on the incoming screen. In that column you have a drop down list of proposed actions e.g. dodge/backtime/stack/snipe/recap and each of these has a new icon?

I'd like that.

Would these icons then have a further use, e.g. an export function so you can rapidly convey your actions?