In my day, these forums were called "Propaganda"


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So let us have a blast back to the old days, back when TW wasn't P2W and the forums actually had active contributors.

The good old days when people had intelligent debates about the merits of their respective tribes, instead of the bitching we see now.

So this, is my open letter to Wall.

Xankou Mar 04, 18:06
CC - All of [ally]Wall.[/ally]

Dear [ally]Wall.[/ally] Players,

You are in a failing tribe, a failing tribe consisting of point whores, noobs and idiots. Your own duke [player]06. Krieger[/player] has attempted to merge and war with everyone on this continent. He doesn't know how to run a tribe.

Mass recruiting does not get good members.
Points do not win wars.
And no one here is playing tribal hugs except for Krieger.

[ally]En92[/ally] are attacking you in the south.
[ally]MEA[/ally] are attacking you in the west.
[ally]Time![/ally] are attacking you in the North.

and my tribe are attacking you in the east. Do you know why we are attacking you? Because your tribe are easy pickings, heck the only reason I am getting my tribe to attack you is so we can practice coordinated attacks, that is all you are to us, target practice.

Krieger has begged me for an alliance or merger more times than I can count, he has made your tribe something to be embarrassed about.

Yesterday my tribe cleared 4 of your players, today we cleared another 4. Tomorrow we will clear another 10. We will pick your tribe apart one by one, for practice.

But I appreciate some of you are good players, some of you are experienced.

So to the experienced players out there, I offer you a place in my tribe, provided that I can see sufficient evidence that you are a quality player, because I only allow quality into my tribe.

I want my tribe to win this world, I want this to be the 3rd world I win. 6 of my members have previously won worlds, the rest have played for 5 years or more. I will be gunning straight for the core so we can fight the tribes that matter. You are just a stepping stone along the way.

If you want to be a part of that, then let me know and we can talk.

If you don't want to be nobled and aren't experienced enough or just don't want to join my tribe, then do yourself a favour and leave [ally]Wall.[/ally].

We will not pursue anyone who leaves, but if you remain in Wall, you will be nobled, because right now we are just clearing your villages, soon, we will start nobling you.

Kind regards
Sam (Xankou)
Duke of [ally]H20[/ally].


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Decent "leave or die" letter. Could've been a little more propaganda oriented, showed specific convos between their duke and you showing how much of an idiot he is, given a specific time limit to exit or be on a "Death List", etc. etc.

7/10 :p


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Oh agreed. 10/10 for their branding. Just too bad that since I sent that message I have received 10 from players asking to join me xD

Reminds me a lot of Pepsi, it has a cool logo, but the quality just isn't there.


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Maybe tomorrow :D

This could be the new thing. "PnP with Real World Brands"

MEA and Google
WALL and Pepsi
Yum! and Hooters,

The possibilities are endless.


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ikr Now a days when you call it the pnp you get the normal return ??????????????...Propaganda was and still is a fine art, and some of us play it better than others....just saying

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ikr= I know right...

and the ?????? marks are the response if get when i say the words pnp from most newer to the game players.


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This is just embarrassing now. We have only received one genuine attack from them since this started :/



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Actually we have 5, but they keep kicking people that we are nobling so war stats don't go against them :(

Gotta love the noob tactics :p