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Breaking News: England Declares on Zanzibar!

In the wake of the death of Sultan Hamad, DJ Khalid called up his palace guard and barricaded himself inside the palace in order to thwart the British from installing "some dude" as Sultan.
We will keep you updated as the story develops.

Other News:

Medicinal Cannibalism!

Do you suffer from internal bleeding? Simply crumble a small portion of Egyptian mummy into any common tincture.
Headaches? Next time you're out drinking, crush some skull into powder and add it to your drink.
Can't afford Egyptian mummy? Visit your local public execution & pay a small price for a cup of the condemned's blood (ask the executioner how best to do use it for your specific issue).

Urine Uses!

You have an important business call, but (DOH) your battery is dead. We've all been there, but don't let it happen to you again, instead just piss on it.
Your wife is barren? well...

Is your leather jerkin too starchy? you know what to do.
Out of household cleaner? Nothing gets your whites whiter or your brights brighter (also works great as a mouthwash/toothpaste, it will even replace lost enamel).
But what if you want to makes things go BOOM!? Its perfect for ballistic firepowder.


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Breaking News Update: Anglo-Zanzibar War Ends!

38 minutes after the 1st shots were fired, 500 Zanzibaris are dead or wounded, 3 ships sunk & DJ Khalid has taken asylum in Germanic Embassy. British are claiming 1 soldier was injured in their victory declaration which also ends the sultanate rendering Zanzibar an British territory in what has literally been the shortest war in history.


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i read a lot of strange stories, my favorite is the Htoo Twins

you hear of young leaders of armies, Alexander, David, Arthur, Joan, but...

1. the youngest of them was 14
2. they are all either ancient or at least from antiquity

Johnny & Luther founded their own army when they were 9 years old, both are still alive today, younger than me in fact and i am only 45 :eek:

having lived on 5 continents, my own life has been surreal
i took this video in Palestine...

but folks like them, Milton Blahyi, Luis Posada Carriles, not only do they provide me perspective, they do the same for other folks who question my own story
most lives are very ordinary & mundane, but some are nothing short of crazy

Blahyi is a confessed devil-worshipping canibal who killed & ate children to please Satan, yet he was never in prison, today he is a preacher
Carriles just died, he was a confessed & proven terrorist mastermind living free in the U.S.

i read a lot of strange stories, i enjoy sharing them, i had planned to continue this thread
but i think i am done here in w100, except my farewell thread ofc