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yes, I called him fool, because his PnP posts are like fools with no eyes, someone like him and khare can't be good writers in PnP, so they can leave it to others that can do it without having back of their friends!
fools don't have eyes, they have two o's but no eyes. seriously though, are you trying to get yourself rimmed? i would have thought 1 warning might be enough but you continue with your name calling. it's ok to disagree with people but just because someone has a different opinion to your own does not make them a fool


yes, I called him fool, because his PnP posts are like fools with no eyes, someone like him and khare can't be good writers in PnP, so they can leave it to others that can do it without having back of their friends!
Well you've just convinced me to go back and delve deep into your original post in this thread. And also reply to this post. Because quite frankly you now seem a bit too khare like than id advise anyone to be :lol:

But first I just have to wait for myself to get bored enough to put the effort in to reply properly :icon_redface:

Lost serenity

It's OK, mario. FRST leaders have very thick skin - they have to with fincky in the tribe :p
LOL <3
And khole- I simply post on the facts I see from other posts/stats. As Mario said, you are pissing some people off, perhaps a few more/powerful people than you would like. I have never spoken with gringo, and not protecting him. In FRST, we even had internal prolems after some small merges an recruitment. But we took care of them, swiftly, effectively, and kept them from becoming public. You have done the opposite.
I suggest you an khare both stop posting on pnp for awhile. You are digging a deep hole that even you and khare, being so great (LOL) may be able to fight your way out of.
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4. I never told gringo or someone else that you're spy...
Hmm so gringo is not a spy?

If I didn't say gringo isn't spy that doesn't mean he can't be a spy...
hmm so He is back again as a spy?

from those 2 posts of yours, it shows more how inconsistent you are as a leader :icon_rolleyes:

5. Gringo chose to left us just for 2 reasons: 1. he cant shut his big mouth when leaders want him to be quiet and stop making anarchy, so he don't accept orders for his OWN TRIBE. 2. He isn't a loyal member to his tribe, he joined donkey from their enemy tribe, so I think this is clear why he wasn't loyal... a loyal player won't leave the tribe till the end, even if they feel bad in some times, they will be patient and will go to forward to have better futures, but when we haven't this matter our first choice is clicking on leave the tribe (Punishment will be there for this leaving)
and why is that happened? cause YOU as a leader choose to sided your "mr. know everything" friend, which caused an enmity in your own tribe while he is NOT in this world anymore.

That's how good leader you are khole! :icon_twisted::icon_twisted:



You have no idea how much this pleases me.

NOW...we will find out who is a man of their word. Right here right now.

But, before I get to my big finish, I would like to make something clear....

(I see gringo is telling you wrong conversations, he is deleting every line of it that he don't like to be seen by the world)
I'm happy to post it all in it's entirety but didn't at first because it is long and to leave out a few members who didn't need named. You just say the word and I'm happy to once again PROVE myself as being truthful.

On another note, just to be said I left for not keeping my mouth shut and causing anarchy. One non tribe member started talking crap about tribemates, I defended my tribemates and I'm the trouble maker. So.........the way I see it is that doing such gets you to get booted (which I wasn't) or gets you invited?


And now, really this made my day.:icon_biggrin:


(If they can copy here one word from me that I said they are spy, I'll leave this world just now)

Here it is fellas!

[3/19/2010 12:57:27 PM] khole: and I told you that who the spy is and too many other members
[3/19/2010 12:57:39 PM] khole: but I was waiting for right time to kick gringo and eat him

Ahhh, better check those dates and times bud. Didn't think I had access to the tribal skype room after I left?

Naaanaaa naa naa, na na naa naa, hey hey.....good bye!
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tis seems that
A) sheep actually has a spy that works for the newly formed Donkey
B) if khole holds true to his PnP word, he's now out of this world and his leadership may be givin to someone more or less capable, only time would tell that part
C) The Juggernaut in the rim is in pieces for now, how long this will last, who knows, will the other major tribes take advantage of this?
and finally
D) what about the other tribes now, like the new donkey, new OwP (under a new name, i forgets atm even though I'm in it, working on an account merge so idk wtf is going on for real), are they/we going to get attacked as well by the major tribes or are they/we going to be called on to help in the elimination of sheep, how will they/we react to the offer. So many possibilities on D


tis seems that
A) sheep actually has a spy that works for the newly formed Donkey
Read above, he just wasn't booted from skype after he left.

Another fallout is that one of ex-sheep members got reported for merging accounts with their partner, and had their villages removed.
It's bull, and stuff like this just makes this game not fun.

And... @ Gringo... don't rub it in, or if you do at least try for some class, that just looks childish.
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Yes Natoe,

Forgive me. But the last few days have been so laced with lies, I'm beside myself. Over and over I get two stories. Most of them pointed at me, no one backing up anything they say and more lies. I have 35 employees. I see a lot of different kinds of people, but good liars remember their story. If a leader can't be honest, they can't be a leader or even a tribemate in my opinion. Honestly, this is a sad situation and didn't have to go this way. If I had been given answers, if anyone would have come to me addressing the facts, if it could have been done with any respect to the TRIBE I would have never gone this route. I don't post on PnP as a general rule. I think it holds little value in the game. But the "game" became a mess when my honor was in question. When I freak out about lies and I'm the one called dishonest.

Do I wish it could go back to the way it was? Yep. But, that bridge is done burned down. I do however want those people in W43 to get a look at the character of these "leaders" so they don't get caught by surprise. I want those that fight along side these "men" to realize what kind of BS they are capable of.

Not once has Khare or Khole contacted me asking any questions. Never did I get the sense that there was a search for truth or to hear any other side of the story but the crap Khare was spewing.

So, yes Natoe, forgive me. This is a big I've been apart of. One that will probably lead to my TW retirement. The right team is what makes the game, just as good employees make it fun to go to work. Hopefully, there are some out there that are capable of learning from others mistakes and don't have to make them themselves to learn.


april fool

Zacheod4 here,

I have watched all of this on the forum, I rarely ever speak here. I was kicked from the tribe (sheep) after I told khole to step down as leader after he let khare disrupt everything that was going so well. We had barely any merger issues till the day he came on and claimed at least 5 members were disloyal or spies.

The funny thing is it took khare months to figure out that gringo and myself had friends in Nuts. He information was so old and misguided that anyone could see it. (khare called me a spy bc of my past relationship with nuts, but atleast a month beforehand gringo actually called me out as a spy bc he found out about my past in nuts..), but all was settled in private and "in house" and that is the issue I had with all of this and why I chose not to go back to a tribe that will fail soon.

In short, there was nothing in our tribe (sheep) to spy about. Especially to bored.... Ill let your minds think about why, and thats another reason khare had no idea what was going on.

I am too lazy to go find the post about khare or khole claiming gringo removed posts on the skype convo, but I was the one who gave it to him and I have all the posts in that convo, if anyone is completly bored and has time to read a bunch of arguing like children mail me ing and ill let you see it. (swearing is involved, and you have to accept it as is, dont report me for it)
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Interesting... If I'm bored or FRST, I'll finish this sheep tribe for good and take access to the rim for good.

Cmon dj, move your lazy a*s ^^

Go go donkey!!

wee jock

Man I have got to do some relocating and get in on the impending gangbang this tribe has to be facing.

A non tribe player's opinion is worth more than tribe members. Members get kicked for falling out with a non player. The duke is pulled like a puppet on a string.

If I had posted this story on my tribes forum I reckon I would have got kicked for lying :)

The worst bit is this tribe has some real good players who must be about to hit the delete button due to embarrassment from their leaders (well some who are in the tribe and the main one giving the orders from outside the tribe). How anyone cannot see that this khare player is like a cancer to a tribe has to be questioned on their leadership capabilities but I do wonder going by the K start to the name if there is a closer link that blinds some to this.


Parge said it. Cap said it again and I will also repeat.

Nothing to see here except for some players raging at each other.
Im almost friends with everyone here and respect all players. so im gana say what I think and am sure of.

Gringo: He is a loyal and honorable player. that i know and am sure of. we played in the previous worlds and as far as im concerened he never belittles himslelf down to a pathetic spy. Thats that, i wish I was here earlier to clarify that. Khare! He is not and will never be a spy.

Khare.: He is a very solid player who has a great idea about how this game works, however, his means of communications is somehow very harsh.

So im asking both of you. This is not the right place, nor is it on the right topic.

Misunderstanding that is ALL!


i do agree with shrvn!
please, get this over with and let's play the game.



I opened the thread again... But I will infract anyone who even uses mildest insult possible... :)
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