In the Balance


Hello everyone,

some of you might know me, many wont. i kinda keep my head down and just get on with it.
But it looks like it may be time to sing my last swan song on w14 where i have been the attention of many a Chaos player for as long as i can remember.

i have a new job prospect in the pipe line which will mean i wont have the time to continue playing this game if i get it.

If thats the case i wish to thank all the players ive had the pleasure of fighting with, and against. which made this game so addictive.

i like to think that ive made my mark on this world, no matter how small. im the proud owner of 2nd Rank of W14 for OD :p of that achievement i can only thank Chaos for the constant vists for tea and biscuits. namely Cynz and Sandi. couldnt of done it without you :p

If i get this new job i'll be going out with a bang. If i dont, i'll be open for tea and biscuits as per normal. my cv is sent and my interview will be at the end of the month. either way. its time to have some fun!



NOOOOOOOOOO.. you are like the only active left near me.. HOW COULD YOU!!!!!! ;o( *SOB*

well, good luck to you. have fun in your (hopefully) new job :eek:)